Zardma is a separate planet from The Amazing World of Gumball.


  • Maya Zard: Alien girl transported to Earth sometimes.
  • Urrkor Zard: Maya's father, an alien man looking like an adult male version of his daughter.
  • Kreetza Zard: Maya's mother, looks similar to her, but adult.
  • OrbCloud: A Pink Cloud Creature Who Lives At Zardma's Atmosphere And Rains Orbs That will Cause A Catastrophe if Popped By Spikes.
  • Ayama Zarddark: A grey version of Maya who is her evil clone. She was changed into a drink that Maya drank and her spirit now does all her chores.
  • Gooey: A gooey marshmallow who previously was Maya's arch-nemesis. Things have now changed between the two of them.
  • Goomallows: A group of Gooey's cousins that live in a marshmallow bag.
  • Green Spike: The green spike man is a villain who attacked Gumball and Darwin after being transported by Ayama is a goo bubble. He shoots acid-spikers.
  • Acid Spikers: The acid spikers are living spikes covred in gooey green fire (which is known as acid on Zardma). They are the green spike's minions.
  • Dreamdancer Beds: Dreamdancer Beds are beds made of Zardmanian substances. They start out non-living, but once someone goes to sleep, they get sucked into an abnormal universe without knowing, so the beds dance to make give them distraction dreams.
  • Chemic-Zardma: Chemic-Zardma is only part Zardmanian because hes (her and his combined) head is Maya's. Hes body is Bean's (Egghead 2's), Hes left arm is Gumball's, hes right arm is Darwin's, and his to-of-head is Jack's. Se was made in a lab accident.
  • Chemic: Cemic is a short appearance character who was made out of a beaker. It then died out because it couldn't resist the chemicals.
  • Doctor Slokerop: Doctor Slokerop is A Doctor Who Works At The Hospizard.
  • Potion Inhabitants: Versions Of Anyone Currently There That Are Spirits Coming Out Of The Beakers In Maya's Lab.
  • Other: Gumball, Darwin, Jack, Wolfie, Bed, Jerry, Barry, Dolphie, and Nicole have been on Zardma and can become Zardmanians At Times.