Varwin Daglan Raspian Gahab Soseidon Ficodemius Vatterson lll



Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Varvin
Species: Blue Fish
Age: 11
Friends: Toby (best friend)
Larais (love interest)
Enemies: Jumball Vatterson
Relatives: Ele Vatterson (brother)
Occupation: Student, Adventurer
First Appearance: Pop Star
Voice: Junko Takeuchi

Varvin Daglan Raspian Gahab Soseidon Ficodemius Vatterson lll is the Main Character from The Adventures of Varvin.Ele's brother Larais and Rumball.



Varwin loves Larais


Toby is Varwin's best friend, Varwin sings a lot with Toby as shown in Pop Star

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