Amazing world of gumball screenshot from Valentine
this episode called Valentine this is the holiday episode


Gumball and Darwin wakes up and theres an Valentine on school Gumball goes give penny an gift but Tobias dont wants it and says to gumball:NO I GONNA HAVE PENNY. Gumball says:no i have her first. Darwin Says:I Go to Carrie he doenst have gift carrie will dump darwin if darwin doenst have a gift for Carrie so Gumball is still give penny a gift but he doenst want tell tobias so darwin goes to the stuff shop he want to buy carrie a Scary movie and gumball and everyone watches tv and theres 1000000000000 tickets to an romance boat it called The Romance Boat (Parody of The Love Boat) and if they are going in then will the Song appears (Parody of Love boat song) and everyone of elmore goes there and Gumball goes with penny and Darwin goes with Carrie The Captain Said:there are some people. Santa:Hey Gumball you know me. Bomb Guy:Me too. Gumball:Wow everyone is there. but later Starts The Romance boat sinking and Everyone of elmore got saved aslo the flashback people and the captain and gumball gots an kiss from penny and tobias find it ok and Richard Said:Stupid Romance boat just like Titanic!.Gumball Says:Oh its not like titanic all ships is sinking. then the boat sinks and everyone got saved with 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000  lifeboats










Bomb Guy




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