Tyson Jefforson is the main antagonast of The Heart. He also apeers in The Computer, The 9, The Pizza, The New School, and The Trees.


Tyson is Gumball's evil doppleganger. His family despises Gumball's Family. Thus making him, The main antagonast for the Two-Part Special, The Heart. He is known as Neon Gumball by Nicole.


In The Heart Part 1, Gumball and his family go camping. The Jefforsons go camping in the same park and Gumball and Darwin quickly befriend Tyson and Fishhead. A little while later in the episode, Gumball, Darwin, Tyson, and Fishead went to the mountains to find food when both families where stuck at the campsite. Then, the 4 kids got lost in the mountains and Tyson thought is was all Gumball and Darwin's fault.


  • Tyson, Fishead, and Lily are like Gumball, Darwin, and Anais.
  • Tyson and his family can turn into a mutant, and explode when defeated.
  • In The New School, Tyson falls in love with Penny, and Gumball starts a fight.
  • Tyson's family has super powers.
  • Tyson is from Eromle, wich is Elmore backwards.
  • Tyson is the exact opposite of Gumball.



Tyson in Normal Mode.

Neon Gumball

Tyson mad in Mad Mode.