Toby Timothy Woods
Toby Woods
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Jeffotash
Species: Fish/Proxy/Troll/Ghoul
Age: 116
Friends: Mordecai-Rigby-Gumball and company-Jake-Finn-Tingle-Foxy-Fox-Creepypasta family-Uta-Chica-etc
Enemies: Police cops-Jeremy-Benson-Dark Link-Vio-Vriska-etc
Relatives: Father:Equius Zahhak/Mother:Jeff Woods/Uncle:Liu/Brother adoptive:Darwin
Occupation: Hitman

describing later


describing later


E'VIEN SHULO He is an evil, cold and hearthless person.


Jeff Woods

Has a good relationship whit his mother. Jeff teached him how to murder people, next to the other Creepypastas.


  • His first tattoo was the Triforce one
  • His mother raised him alone
  • His left horne was broken by Inuyasha

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