Late for Class

[Episode starts with Lewis runing to the school. Anxiously but energetically, he races to them and burst through the doors.]

Lewis: "Hello Elmore Schoooool!"

[The school is empty, a whispering reply can be heard. The whisper turns out to be coming from a locker.]

Lewis: "Ermm hello? Please don't tell me I'm late"

Locker: "Hey! Over here"

Lewis: "Umm who are you?"

Locker: "I'm you're locker kid. If it wasn't for you being late for class, I wouldn't have spoken. By the way, welcome to Elmore Junior High!"

[Lewis smiles at the locker before zipping off to his class in a flash. He reaches his classroom. Bursting in, he announces in rapid succession:]

Lewis: "Hello I'm here sorry for being late!"

[Again, the schoolroom is empty. Then he hears a voice.]

Desk: "Psst! It's recess time!"

Lewis: "Let me guess…you're my new desk?"

Desk: "Right on!"

At the Cafeteria

[Lewis runs downstairs to the cafeteria. In a hurry, the liger sped on but unfortunately loses his footing. He plunges down a story then faceplants on the tiled floor. Getting up, he finally sees other students. In relief, he sighed and proceeded to take some snacks. He was served some bread, a milk carton and an apple.]

Lewis: "Now where to sit..."

[Lewis looks around, then notices the eggheads in a table. He considers for a while then moves to them.]

Lewis: [Clears throat] "Excuse me, can I please sit here?"

Egghead 1: "Oh, what's this?" [Takes out a Zelmore action figure out, oblivious to Lewis' presence.] "Ah! Its my latest limited gold edition high-quality top-notch arm swishing leg kicking Zelmore series 3 year 2014 action mini-figurine featured with superior and first-rate sword sound effects!"

Egghead 2 : *gasps* "So eggsellent I cannot find any other synonyms for magnificent!"

Lewis: "Uh hello?"

[Sighing, Lewis moves on to the next table. He shuddered at the sight of Tina with Jamie and Anton. Before moving on to the next table, Tina calls out to him.

Tina: "Hey! You must be new! Why don't you come join our gang?"

Lewis: "Um…no thanks man, I'll go find another table"

[Tina grunts, then goes over to squish Lewis firmly on the ground with her foot.]

Lewis: "…Uh…that hurt…man!"

[Tina squishes him again.]

Tina: "Im a girl"

[Jamie and Anton laugh at him. Lewis crawls out of Tina's foot crater and straightens himself. He grabbed his food and proceeded to the next table. At the next table Gumball, Darwin, Tobias and Banana Joe are seated. Gumball and Darwin are busy with their discussion while Banana Joe and Tobias are just chatting. Lewis walks over]

Lewis: "Uh hello guys, can I sit here?"

Tobias: "Depends. Are you worthy enough?"

Lewis: "Sure man…I think"

[Banana Joe and Tobias cross their arms.]

Tobias: "Oh really?"

Lewis: "Yup"

Tobias: "Oh really??"

Lewis: "Yup"

Tobias: "Oh really???"

Lewis: "Yup!"

Tobias: "Oh really????"

Lewis: [Sigh] "100% Yup"

[Tobias and Banana Joe unfold their arms.]

Tobias: "Okay then. Welcome to our table!"

Lewis: "Finally"

[Tobias continues talking to Banana Joe. Lewis sits down beside Gumball and Darwin and smiles in satisfaction. But before he could take the first bite of his meal, Gumball gestures to his side, hitting him squarely in the face with the back of his fist.]

Gumball: "…and so you see Darwin, that's why chocolate is better than chocolate chips. Its like cheese: you can have chocolate chips but not chip chocolates"

[Lewis recovers from the blow. He nose swells to an alarming size. But before he could take another bite Gumball hits him in the head, this time punching him through the side.]

Gumball: [Yawning] "All that explaining makes me so tired I have to stretch so badly..."

[Lewis moves slightly to his side to avoid another punch. Unfortunately and suddenly Gumball unintentionally bumps into Lewis, knocking him over. Gumball stands on his seat as he cocks an ear toward the cafeteria door. A group of girls talking excitedly could be heard.]

Gumball: "Oh how could I forget. Its cheerleading practice! Come on buddy, let's go now so I can go gawk at Penny!"

[As Lewis poked his head from the floor, Gumball without any clue that the liger was there jumps right on Lewis' face. He is followed by Darwin and they both run through the cafeteria doors.]

Lewis: "Ouch"

[Lewis' head is squashed flat like a pancake. Popping it to its original form, he starts to grab a bite from his food. He takes delight in the apple.]

Banana Joe: "You're new here?"

Lewis: "Yeah, just moved here"

Banana Joe: "Oh okay!"

[The banana and rainbow lad continue talking while Lewis enjoys his meal. He is interrupted by a visitor randomly passing by his table. Tobias and Banana Joe notice the visitor.]

Visitor: "Tink!"

[Then as fast as he appeared, the visitor vanishes. Right on the spot where the visitor had placed a hand for less than a second was a note. The liger grabs and reads it. All it says is: "Come to our table".]

Lewis: "Ooookay…"

[There is an arrow on the note. By folding the note downwards, Lewis saw it was pointing towards a table with a stickman and a doormat. In an instant, Lewis bade farewell to Tobias and Banana Joe then took his tray and went over the table.]

Lewis: "Did you want me to sit here?"

[He picks up a teapot on the table to clear some space only to have the teapot surprise him.]

Ronald the Teapot: "Ahem, its Tea-ime for your orientation!"

[Suddenly, Lewis is grabbed by the doormat in a flash and they all ushered him into a storeroom. The store room was full of pots, boxes and crates of ingredients and fresh produce.]

Lewis: "What-"

Sticky the Stickman: "Listen, you'll be doing something important"

Matt the doormat: "Exactly. Here's a list of items"

[Matt hands over an envelope which Lewis takes reluctantly.]

Ronald: "Items you'll need to take for us"

[From behind, the visitor revealed himself. He was a watermelon.]

Walter the Watermelon: "Mhmm. We wan't you to bring these items. If you fail, then you'll achieve nothing!"

[Suddenly, Lewis is ushered out of the room and in the cafeteria. He is left confused. Before he could inspect the envelope, the bell rings and the students rush through the cafeteria doors, bringing him along.

== Biology Class ==

[In the schoolroom, Lewis sits in the front of the class. He notices the the same people who had randomly took him to the storeroom: the doormat, the teapot, the stickman and the watermelon. They pretended that they never met him. Lewis looks over at them. The mat smiles back while the teapot glares at him.]

Miss Simian: "…this here is called the Cochlea and…"

[Lewis is lost in thought. Then feels a thump against his head. It was a crumpled note.]

Miss Simian: "…the hammer, anvil..."

[He opens it. It says inside "Meet us lunchtime. Don't forget to bring what we asked for".  He shrugs, nonchalantly crumpling it and throwing it away only to find Miss Simian staring at him so hard that he suddenly feels uncomfortable.]

Miss Simian: "So um…what's your name?"

Lewis: "Lewis"

Miss Simian: "Lewis! Would you care to explain what a Cochlea is?"

Lewis: "…Its a snail…looking part of the head with the hammer and an anvil?"

[Miss Simian stared at him so hard his pencils started to pop.]

Miss Simian: "Pop quiz!"

==Back in the Cafeteria==

[Sitting with Hot Dog Guy, Ocho and The Mushroom, he opens the envelope to inspect the items that he was "assigned" to find.]

Lewis: "Really? Just all these? This seems like a piece of cake"

[The list was: flour, eggs, sugar, baking soda, and chocolate.]

Lewis: "Or literally a whole cake. Are they gonna bake a cake or something?" Whatever, I'll just play along with their game. So where to get those ingredients…"

[All of a sudden Gumball and Darwin walk through the cafeteria doors carrying bags of flour, sugar, eggs, chocolate and baking soda. His lunch finished, he proceeds to walk over to the Watterson brothers.]

Lewis: "Hey there! Could I have some of those?"

[Gumball and Darwin struggle from the weight. In response to his question, Gumball and Darwin readily dumped their bags on his awaiting hands only to squish him whole.]

Gumball: [sighs heavily in relief] "Thanks so much..uh whatever your name is! Oh man! I think I carried so much load my eyes grew muscles. Check this out"

[Gumball's eyes grow muscles with muscles on them. Then his eyes pick up a table and smashed it with ease. Darwin looks over at the liger who they had unknowingly crushed.]

Darwin: "I think we squished him"

Gumball: "Nah, he's totally fine. Otherwise he wouldn't have volunteered so kindly."

Lewis: [Muffled] "hulp mu!"

Gumball: "No good sir, we should be the ones thanking you! Oh by the way, these are supposed to go to the kitchen. Thanks!"

[The brothers leave.]


Lewis: "Finally!"

[Lewis is dragging the sacks over to the four at their table. As he approaches them, the doormat suddenly swoops down and takes the load off of the liger's shoulders. Then the load squishes him flat. Walter looks around warily.]

Lewis: "Well I did as asked. Can you at least tell-"

[In an instant, he was whisked into the same storage room. He was flanked by the four.]

Walter: "So you have passed our first test. Very very…virtuoso"

Lewis: "Are you gonna bake a cake or something? You could have bought one you know"

[Matt, Sticky and Ronald consider this and nod.]

Walter: "Yes but uh [Coughs] we don't have any [Cough] money erm…now, since you have accomplished our task without attracting much attention I guess we can trust you"

Lewis: "Sure, but how can I trust YOU?"

Walter: "In time you will. Also we apologize for randomly dragging you here all the time, but you see…"

Walter: [Leans and whispers] "We just wanted to bake a cake in secret"

Lewis: "Why so secretive?"

Matt: "Because if you say the word 'cake' there's a chance that someone will go berserk for cake"

Lewis: "Yeah and we've been saying 'cake' a lot of times. I don't see anyone going berserk anywhere"

==Mr. Small Goes Berserk==

Mister Small: "Oh I just enjoy the scent of pepper and thyme during the time when the sun is at its peak"

[He smells the scent of the Cafeteria vegetables when suddenly he hears the word "cake" echo from the storage.]

Mister Small: "DID SOMEONE SAY CAKE!?"

[Mr. Small dives into the cafeteria, thrashing and upsetting bundles of pots and pans. Without a second thought he grabs a ladle and swings it like an axe, bashing stuff. He looks around but found no cake. Rocky barely escapes him while students stare at him in terror.]


[In a frenzy, Mr. Small hacks the neighboring wall to dust and dirt then flees outside. Thinking Anton was a cake, he gobbles hims up before roaring across the school.]

==Back to the Storage Room==

[Matt laughs cheerfully]

Matt: "Just kidding! The cake is a secret since we're baking it for someone. It'll be a surprise!"

Ronald: "And we needed another guy to help us with the cake"

Lewis: "But aren't four people more than enough for one cake?"

[Matt does a hearty flip]

Matt: "The more, the better! Just not too much though"

Walter: "You've been very helpful, especially in bringing us those ingredients. We still need a few things like a cake pan"

Lewis: "Cake pan?"

Ronald: "Well duh, for the cake"

Lewis: "So I'm like the errand boy now?"

Matt: "Not really…well sort of. But you're not gonna be doing everything. Walter's going to bake the cake, I'll be the one combining the ingredients, Ronald will be decorating it and Sticky will be like the 'flavor' chef"

Lewis: "Okay. Fair enough…but if we're working together can't you at least introduce yourselves?"

Matt: "Hehe right! Silly us. I'm Matt which is kind of obvious since I'm a mat-"

Sticky: "Sticky Dominic Planesfield, nice to meet you"

Walter: "I'm Walter"

Ronald: "And I'm Clayton!"

Matt: "He's Ronald"

Ronald: "No. What's so wrong about calling me by my middle name?"

[Lewis smiles shyly]

Lewis: "I'm Lewis"

[They all nod in approval]

Walter: "Great! Now Lewis, we're counting on you to get the cake pan. We'll be waiting for you here in this room"

==Getting the Cake Pan==

[This time Lewis walks out of the room on his own. From the storage room, he goes to visit Rocky for the cake pan. Rocky is busy fixing the mess that Mr. Small had created when the liger approaches him.]

Lewis: "Hey uh...Rocky?"

Rocky: "Thats my name little dude!"

Lewis: "Yeah, do you happen to have a cake pan? I need to borrow it for something"

Rocky: "A…pan? Yeah sure, I think its over here..."

[Rocky bends down to rummage for the pan.]

Lewis: "What happened here?"

[Once again, Rocky reappears from the counter, cake pan in hand. He scratches his head as he lends the pan to the liger.]

Rocky: "I don't know. Mr. Small just went crazy and started smashing everything. I think it had something to do with saying…"

Lewis: "What, 'cake'? 'Cake pan'?"

[Suddenly Mr. Small smashes through the newly mended concrete wall (the spot where the school counselor had just recently hacked into).]

Mister Small: "PANCAKE!?"

[The counselor runs and attacks the liger. The students dropped their lunches or gaped and others screamed in terror.]

Lewis: "What on earth!?"

Rocky: "Here, take this!"

[Rocky takes a large ladle and tosses it to the liger. Lewis raises a hand to catch the ladle as it spun through the air in slow motion. The ladle hit his head instead, knocking him out of his senses for a while. Rocky throws another ladle for the liger to catch again. This time the ladle hits Mr. Small behind the head, temporarily knocking him out. The liger got up and ran to the direction of the four in the storage room.]

==Next Assignment==

Ronald: "So 'Planesfield', what does that even mean?"

Sticky: " 'Plane' since I'm flatter than the smallest molecule, 'field' since I'm flatter than the ground. Its been my family name for generations"

Ronald: "Nice…I don't really get it. How about you, 'Waters'?"

Walter: "Because I came from the watermelon family. Isn't it obvious?"

[Before Ronald could respond, the storage room doors fly open then close. Lewis faceplates on the ground, holding up the cake pan for Walter to take. The watermelon takes the pan and inspects it.]

Matt: "That was quick"

Walter: "Thanks Lewis. I hope you didn't have too much trouble"

[Lewis stretches his face from the floor.]

Lewis: "Some madman attacked me! I thought you said it was just a joke!"

Matt: "Which one?"

Lewis: "Apparently when you say C-A-K-E, someone does go berserk for it! One moment I just asked for a C-A-K-E pan then the next someone just attacked me"

Matt: "C-A-K-E? You mean ca-"

[The liger quickly clamps a paw over Matt's mouth.]]

Lewis: "Don't say the word"

Matt: [Lewis releases his paw] "Heh. I was just messing around. I never thought it would be true. My bad…"

Walter: "Well anyways, now we need one last ingredient. Sorry, I forgot to put it on the list I gave to you a while ago"

Lewis: "Wh-"

Walter: "Now don't worry, it doesn't have the word C-A-K-E in it. The last ingredient we need is cream and I guarantee it'll be safe to get. Can you do that for us?"

Lewis: "…I-I guess so"

[Lewis turns to leave but Matt calls after him.]

Matt: "Good luck pal!"

Lewis: "See you later! I guess that means we're friends?"

Ronald: "Duh"

Sticky: "Yup!"

==Getting the Cream==

[Back in the cafeteria, Lewis goes over to the counter. Rocky is nowhere to be seen. At the very top, he could just make out a box labeled "cream".]

{d|Lewis}}: "Hmmm…how to reach up there"

[The liger thought for a while. He takes a stool and moves it to the shelf but he isn't tall enough. He grabs a pan and piles it on the stool. Still, he wasn't tall enough. Looking around, he spots another large pan and he piles this on the smaller pan. He could finally reach the cream.]

[Out of the blue, Gumball and Darwin burst through the cafeteria doors, running. Their sudden appearance distracts Lewis for a second and he almost loses his balance.]

Lewis: "Whew!"

[Then near the counter's wall, the wall bursted as Tina Rex roared and chased after them. The force of Tina breaking through the wall sends Lewis tumbling down and the shelf as well. The shelf with the cream falls on his face.]

Lewis: "…that…will do"

[The liger inspects the box of cream. The cream was in bags attached to nozzles. These were used for applying icing to a cake.]

Lewis: "Yes!"

[Lewis gets up and starts running to the storage room. As he hurries into the storage room he bumps into Principal Brown who emerged from the nearby cafeteria door.]

Principal Brown: "What is going on in-"

[Lewis quickly stands up and hides the box into his back.]

Principal Brown: "Oh I see, its just you-the new student! Lewey-err I mean Lewis of course"

Lewis: "Sorry sir"

Principal Brown: "Well no worries! Although you were late, so I'll have to speak to you. Come with me"

[Principal Brown leads Lewis away. The liger takes a peek at the storage door and sees the four staring back at him. Matt says something to Lewis from afar.]

Matt: "We'll catch up with you!"

Lewis: "What?"

[Lewis passed through the cafeteria doors, The doors separating them.

==A Visit to the Principal's Office==

Principal Brown: "Please, have a seat"

[Lewis takes a seat. He takes care not to squish or spill the cream behind him. Principal Brown does not sit down and instead starts rummaging through his drawers.]

Principal Brown: "So how are things with you today Lewis?"

Lewis: "Things are great, just okay"

Principal Brown: "I'm glad to hear that…now if I could just find that…"

[He brings out a thick file with Lewis' name on it. He still didn't stop rummaging.]

Principal Brown: "It must be somewhere…probably have to print another one…" [Eyeing the liger] "Just a minute. I'll have to go down to get your late slip or otherwise I'll have it printed quickly. Must have ran out yesterday…" [Exits only to poke his head through the door] "Oh, and just a friendly reminder: It would be better to come here right on the clock next time…" 

[He finally exits. Lewis looks around]

Voice: "Hey! Pssssst!"

Template:Lewis: "Huh?"

[Looking for the source of the voice, he found it coming from his file. The liger opens it and is surprised by Sticky's face. His face is spread over a sheet of paper like butter on toast.]

Sticky: "Haha!"

Lewis: "What are you doing here?"

Sticky: "Being 2-Dimensional has its advantages! I came here to get the cream"

Lewis: "But how will you get out of here? How'd you even get here?"

Sticky: "By the power of 2D! I can just slither through the floor and hitch rides with books"

Lewis: "Cool. How about the box?"

Sticky: "I'll sneak out"

[Footsteps. Sticky fell back flat into the file of Lewis. Lewis stared at the door expecting the principal. Carmen only walked by, followed by a cured Mr. Small who was in turn accompanied by the School Nurse.]

Lewis: [Whispering] "You can come out now"

[Once again the file pops open and the stickman emerges. Sticky grabs the box.]

Matt: "Hey guys!"

[They notice the mat lying down near the slightly ajar door.]

Sticky: "What are you doing here?"

Matt: "You might need a hand, so I literally dropped by as Carmen was walking along"

Sticky: "I thought I was supposed to retrieve the box, and you were supposed to get baking"

Matt: "Yeah. But Walter sent me up here and took my place for baking"

Lewis: "Heads up guys! Principal at the gates"

Sticky: "There's no gate-"

Matt: "Shh"

[Matt goes immobile and disguises himself as an actual doormat. Lewis hides the box under the desk while Sticky hides back in his files. This time, Principal Brown enters the room.]

Principal Brown: "Here you go. It took a while but well they had some late slips by the dozens…here it is"

[He sits down and took up the files where Sticky was hiding. Lewis gulps.]

Principal Brown: "Hmmmm…do you mind explaining this?"

[The principal shows Lewis his files. Expecting to see Sticky's wide face, Lewis only saw his overview details. The principal pointed to his name.]

Lewis: "What?"

Principal Brown: "Your name…I thought it was Lewis Grower?"

[Lewis checks his name on the paper again. Flipping the pages over, he sees Sticky's face on the other side of the paper, smiling nervously.]

Lewis: "Its Lewis Gro'V'er actually, not Gro'W'er"

[Principal Brown takes the files once again and rummages through them.]

Principal Brown: "Hmmm. must be my glasses…okay now just sign this late slip and you're free to go! *muttering* perhaps those food additives must be making my back and arms itch again"

[Lewis watched as a black line (who could only be Sticky) glide from Principal Brown's arm, through his back, onto his arm and into the late slip. Sticky barely makes it to the late slip as the principal scratched his back then his arm. The principal's attention shifted away from the black line who was Sticky as he (discreetly as to not looked disgusting) scratched his back, then his arm. Then he hands the liger the late slip as he continued to discreetly scratch himself. Eventually he stopped when Sticky was gone.

As Lewis signs the slip, Sticky (as a black line) slithers from the slip, through the desk and onto the floor. When he was on the floor, he pops up back to his normal self and takes the box. Once again he flattened most of himself on the floor with the exception of his thin hands. As he slithered, he pushed the box along the floor. As Lewis finished signing he passed the note to the principal, pretending he didn't see what just happened. Through his peripheral vision, Sticky saw as the mat started moving and wrapping itself around the box. The principal caught the movement and turned sharply.]

Principal Brown: "Hmmm???"

[Setting down the late slip he was reading and taking of his glasses, Principal Brown proceeds to take out a cloth and scrub it vigorously. While he was distracted, the liger glanced the Sticky and Matt. They were now outside, safe and sound. Matt gives a thumbs up and Sticky smiles. Then they went away. The principal replaced his glasses.]

Principal Brown: "Must be a trick of the glasses I think *muttering* better schedule an appointment for my optician soon"

[He tucks the late slip back into Lewis' file and putt away.]

Principal Brown: "Okay. Lewis, you're free to go. Just don't be late next time and have a pleasant time!"


[Lewis is on his way back to the cafeteria. In the table where the four usually sat, the liger only saw Ronald.]

Lewis: "Hey Ronald!"

Ronald: "Ahem. Clayton please"

Lewis: "Yeah. Are they baking already?"

Ronald: "Yup. Hey wanna go play a game of hide and seek?"

Lewis: "…Sure, but-"

Ronald: "Okay. Since you're new here, you be the seeker"

Lewis: "Where-"

Ronald: "Lets go outside"

Lewis: "Did-"

Ronald: "Its fine, lets just play"

[Ronald leads Lewis outside. They went to the schoolyard where everyone else was. Everyone was busy doing their usual thing. Ronald and Lewis stop by a tree.]

Ronald: "So count up to 100 seconds and then find me!"

Lewis: "Ron-I meant Clay-"

Ronald: "No peeking!"

Lewis: "1. 2. 3. 4. 5…"

[Fast forward. As Lewis finishes counting, the bell rings. Before he could look around, the students once again went for the doors and drag him along with them back to their classes.]


[Again, the bell rings, signaling the end of school and the first day for the liger. Lewis is deep in thought, wondering about what had happened to his friends. He says farewell to his locker and whistles as he exits the school. Outside he stops and is surprised by the presence of many students before him. Almost everyone was there and had gathered in front of him. Matt, Sticky, Ronald and Walter carry a chocolate cake that had hiss face on it created from cream. Everyone greeted him and Lewis brightens up.]

Everyone: "Welcome to Elmore Junior High Lewis!"

Lewis: "Matt? Sticky? Walter? Ronald? Everyone!?"

Walter: "Yup. Believe it or not but the surprise was actually for…YOU!"

Lewis: "So this...was for me all along!?"

Matt: "Yup"

Ronald: "Doy duh"

Sticky: "We were actually supposed to surprise you when you came to school. But then you were late, and we kind of ate the last one…"

Lewis: "Yeah sorry about that. But why was I the 'errand boy' for my own surprise?"

Matt: [Chuckling] "We were just messing with you! Actually Gumball and Darwin were supposed to bring the ingredients and help us out"

[Amongst the crowd, the Wattersons shrug.]

Ronald: "Yeah. Then once we were making and baking it up, I had to keep you at bay from discovering the surprise"

Lewis: "Oh…was it that random hide and seek game?"

Template:Ronald: "Yep"

Lewis: [Smiling] "Well thanks everyone! But really since you all made it, you can all have some too!"

[Everyone cheers with delight.]

Banana Joe: "I love chocolate!"

Matt: "You sure? It won't be enough for everyone"

Lewis: "So? They deserve it!"

Principal Brown: [Principal Brown laughs merrily then grabs the cake. He produces a cake slicer and raises it up in the air.] "Who wants to eat some cake!?"

Everyone: "Us!"

[The joyful atmosphere suddenly fades and many smiles turn to gasps.]

Lewis: "Whoops. You said 'cake'..."

Principal Brown: "What about it?"

[Mr. Small suddenly loses his sanity again and the students scream and run for cover.]

Mister Small: "CAKE!"

[Mr. Small tackles the principal. Like a madman he slurps up and eat the cake to everyone's horror. The principal backs away until he joins up with the five.]

Principal Brown: [Chuckling nervously] "Right, I should have told everyone sooner. Unfortunately he's gone a full two months without eating any confections. I guess he couldn't handle it anymore. Supposed to be part of his…rejuvenating diet"

Matt: "Well, there goes your cake"

Lewis: "Meh. I can just buy us all a cake tomorrow, and this time I won't be late"

[Episode Ends]

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