Gumball and Darwin wait for a package to arrive.As they wait,they decide to have a little fun...


Syntax and Uses:

Nothing around me!It means narrarration is occuring in the story!

Name - "Somebody is talking"

Someone is whispering


[An action has occured!]

+Begining Narrarration to get people interested in the scene.

Someone is yelling!

Name - 'Someone is thinking...'


Let's cut to the cheese!

(Location:Watterson Household)

(Time:2:30 PM)

(Date:June 10th)

+Gumball and Darwin begin there epic wait for the ultimate new game,Legend of Zelmore 2.

Gumball - "Hey,Darwin!They're releasing a new Legend of Zelmore."

Darwin - "What?!Show me!"

Gumball - "Alright!Here!"

[Gumball shows Darwin the site page.]

Darwin - "We need to get that!"

Gumball - "Alright,just let me complete all this,and..."

Gumball - "It says it will come in at around 14 buisness days."

Darwin - "What the what?!I can't wait that long for the Legend of Zelmore!"

Gumball - "And Mom,Dad and Anais won't be back until the 25th!"

Darwin - "Looks like we will have to do something until it arrives..."

And so there epic wait starts!

(Location:Watterson Household)

(Time:2:31 PM)

(Date:June 10th)

+Gumball is on the console while Darwin watches.

[8-Bit sounds play in the background...]

Darwin - "We should do something!"

Gumball - "Like what?"

Darwin - "We could,maybe,invite some people over."

Gumball - "And who are you planning on bringing over?"

Darwin - "Maybe we could invite Bobert,or maybe..."

Gumball - "Yeah?"

Darwin - "...we could invite Adanai..."

Gumball - "You know what?Maybe I'll call them."

Darwin - "w-wha?!You,I was just joking!"

Gumball - "Okay,then I won't call her!"

Darwin - "Why not?!"

Gumball - "Alright!It's settled!I'm inviting Adanai and Penny!"

Darwin - "Are you sure you can handle it?"

Gumball - "D=...i'll maybe think it over or something..."

10 minutes pass...

[Knocking comes from the door.]

Darwin - "I'll get it!"

[Darwin opens the door.]

Penny - "Oh,hi Darwin!"

Darwin - "Oh,thank goodness!It's just Penny!"

Penny - "Oh?What happened?Why are you relieved it's me?"

Darwin - "No reason! =)"

Penny - "Okay...Gumball!Are you there?"

[Gumball pauses game.]

Gumball - "Yeah!I'm here!"

Darwin - "Please!Make yourself at home!"

[Suddenly,in the distance,Darwin sees Adanai walking to the house.]

Darwin - "GET IN!"

[Darwin drags Penny in by the hand,then shuts the door.]

Gumball - "I'm opening the door for her!"

Darwin - "Don't!I'm not emotionally ready!"

Gumball - "Get ready,dude!She's coming!"

[Gumball opens door.]

To be continued?!When I have the time...

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