Major Plot

Eneis Darkerson kidnaps Mandy Watterson, so Zack goes to save her. Little does he know that Eneis is using Mandy to create a diversion to distract Zack so she can destroy him once and for all. However, Gumball and Darwin know this and set off on a quest to save Zack(and Mandy) and stop Eneis.

What they don't know is that Eneis plans to conquer Elmore, as well as the rest of the world.


Zack and Mandy are dating at Gumball's house.

ZACK: Hey... have I told you that you look really good tonight?

MANDY: No, but thanks for the compliment.

She winks at Zack.

Gumball arrives in a tuxedo, carrying trays of food with him.

GUMBALL: This is for you, guys.

Zack thanks him for the meal and begins eating, along with Mandy. He rubs Mandy's hand gently.

ZACK: I really like you.

MANDY: I love you.

They are just about to kiss when two red eyes suddenly appear in the darkness. Zack gets up to look around, and Mandy stays in her seat. But then, Eneis pops out from behind her and drags her out the door.

ZACK: HEY! Who are you, and where are you going with my girlfriend?

But Eneis is already gone.

ZACK: Know what? Imma go rescue Mandy and take the kidnapper to jail. ...Wait. ANAIS, GET BACK HERE NOW!

ANAIS: It wasn't me!

Anais steps down the stairs to prove it.

ZACK: OK, I'm leaving.

GUMBALL: Wait! It could be a trap!!

Zack ignores him and rushes outside.

DARWIN: What do we do now? Keep Zack from getting hurt and save Mandy?

GUMBALL: Trust me. I know what Eneis is up to. She's kidnapping Mandy as a diversion to kill Zack for her own good. We have to stop her!

The two of them exit the house, with Anais following them. Nicole and Richard see them and run after them as well.

NICOLE: Hey, where do you think you're going?!?

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