The Universe is an unscheduled episode of season 4.


Gumball and Darwin completely destroy the fabrics of their universe and an alternate world.


The episode opens up in the room of the Watterson kids, where Gumball and Darwin are using their computer. 

Suddenly, the computer screen creates a portal that leads to an alternate world. When the duo land in their room, the alt universe versions attack them and lock them up inside the bathroom. Gumball then escapes from the bathroom, leaving Darwin to rant about clicking on a link, which caused this entire thing to happen. When both escape the house, they  walk around in a surreal Elmore with even weirder residents like a melted clock monster with a cracked screen. At Elmore Jr high, Gumball and Darwin meet a talking mailbox with holographic arms and a green version of Penny, GB's crush. Near the end of the episode, All the Alt universe characters assault GB and Darwin, which both press a button that warps them back at Elmore Jr High, where they land in the middle of Detention Class.

Main Characters

Gumball Watterson

Darwin Watterson

ALT Universe Characters (In order of appearence)

Alternate Gumball 

Alternate Darwin

Alternate Nicole

Alternate Richard and Anais

Melted clock man

Golden Tree


Blue Bear

Holographic Mail-Box

Green Penny Flitzgerald

Angry Whale

The Objects

Two headed Elegator

Bomb Girl

Alternate Tobias and Carrie

Toasted marshmallow

Chicken Tender and French fry couple


Green pudding

Minor Characters

Pink Bear

Tina Rex


Bomb Guy




Rotten Cupcake


Richard Watterson(Voice and Silhouette only)

Nicole Watterson (Voice and silhouette only)

Anias Watterson (Flashback)


This is the first episode to have an entirely differnet cast

Alternate Gumball makes his second appearence in the series, his first was in "The Plan"

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