The Trek


  Gumball, Darwin, and Penny get randomly beamed aboard a Bingon Bird of Break and have to escape.



  • Gumball
  • Darwin
  • Penny (Post-The Shell)
  • Jan
  • SeQplr
  • Captian Cook


  • Brig Gaurds
  • Spook


  • Miss Simian
  • Tobias
  • William
  • Leslie
  • Masami
  • Bobert
  • Darth Greater
  • Minemake Keeper
  • Romeo
  • Tybalt
  • Candy


-In class-

Miss Simian: Hello Class, today we will be learning about The Final Frontier and aliens.

[Gumball raises hand]

Gumball: What is the "Feral Frontier"?

[Everyone in the class starts saying random stupid answers]

Bobert:[Loud, maybe with a little bit of shaking, then decrecendos quieter] The Final Frontier is what we call space. Have none of you seen Space Trek?

Everyone: [As one] No.

Bobert: Detecting a beam of energy! [Gumball, Darwin, and Penny start beaming up] It has started! I must let them go! [They dissapear]

-In a Bingon Bird of Break-

Gumball: Where are we?

Jan- [Unseen] Aboard a space ship. We need you.

Penny: Where are you?

Jan: [Walks in with SeQplr and the Brig Guards] Aboard the Bingon Un-entepray

Darwin: What does that mean?

Jan: We are the species of "aliens" known as the Bingon. Un-enterpray means Un-Enterprise, the Enterprise being our worst enemy.

SeQplr: Follow me. [Walks, they follow along with Guards] These are your quarters. [Laughs] [Mumbles] Qo' vabDot Sov chaH...

Jan: Oh, I forgot, I am Jan, and this is SeQplr.

Gumball: What kind of name is that?

Jan: Shakespear in your language. Meanwhile, I must take us through a Gravity Catapult manuver to take us to the future. [Presses Button and walks away]

Darwin: Wait! [Runs into a force field] Ow! What is this for?

One of the Guards: A jail ce-

SeQplr: Silence! [Pulls out phaser] I don't need them angry.

[Penny turns into Dragon Form]

Gumball: Wait, no-

[They all get burned as Penny tries to take down the shield with fire]

-In space-

[Shows the ship doing the Gravity Catapult]

[Shows a message saying "Meanwhile..."]

-On a Planet-


Spook: Calm down sir, that is not logical. Rememer the ship coming for us?

Candy: [In his ship] They shall die down there!

SeQplr: [Beams Down] Hands Up! Which of you is Cook and Spook?

-In the Cell-

Gumball: Who are those?

SeQplr: Captian Cook and Spook [Opens Force Field to Put them in]

[Penny Burns him via Dragon form]

SeQplr: AHHH! [Gets punched by Cook]

[Guards capture Cook]

[Guards get attacked by the prisioners]

Cook: Thank you, it was the end for sure.

[Jan comes in to get Fulcan Nerve Pinched]

Spook: I can get you home.

-In a room with a door-

Cook: I think the Multi-Dementional door is ready.

[Opens Door, Darth Greater Enters]

Cook: Sorry, wrong one, goodbye Darth Greater [Kicks him back in] Ok, now? [Opens, a Minemake Keeper enters] Nope. [Kicks out, hears an explosion]

Darwin: Hurry up.

Cook: I am trying. [Opens door, Romeo and Tybalt enter, fencing] [Laughs] I see why one of them was named Shakepsear now. [Kicks Out] One last time. [Opens door to show classroom, right after it ends]

Gumball: Thank you, I will never forget you. [Enter cassroom with Darwin and Penny]

Cook: By- [Explosion is seen in the Un-enterpray] CCCCCAAAAANNNNDDDYYYY! [Modified version of Star Trek Original Series scene change music plays]


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