Title Card

The Time TAWOG title card


[Episode Starts at Elmore Jr High Hall]

Gumball:"Hey Penny! how its doing my dear dear chick"

Penny:"Great Gumball and With you?"


[Molly's Treehouse (Season 1 and From The Pressure]

Masami:"Kiss me Darwin!"


Portal opens and Darwin goes in and he pulled Carrie,Gumball,Tobias and Penny and they Travelled to Season 4

[Elmore Jr High (Season 4)]

Gumball:"So how about a date?"

The characters from season 1 came inside

Gumball,Tobias,Darwin,Carrie and Penny(Season 4):"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Tobias:"Yay a twin!" *High Fives Tobias from Season 1*

Gumball:"Hey Copycat go back to your Season! Dummy!"

Gumball(Season 1):Wow calm down! calm down! we travelled to this Season!"

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