"The Thought" is a special episode which will be released on April 8, 2017.

"The Thought"
Season: N/A (associated with 5)
Broadcast number: N/A
Production code: GBB07
Running time: 16 Minutes
Airing Information
U.S. air date: TV: April 8, 2017
U.K. air date: TBA
International premieres: TBA
Written by: Not listed
Storyboarded by: Not listed
Songs Featured

Episode Chronology
It is not part of any season but aired before the 2 Week Wattersodes! event, and is stated to take place at some time in the Season 5 timeline.





[The episode starts with Gumball and Darwin walking to the top of a mountain for a picnic]

[Incomplete Transcript.]


  • This episode was confirmed by Ben Bocquelet on March 24, 2017.
    • Ben stated that this episode has a thought of life, life is a journey, big mysteries lay through one's mind, it is up to you to decide if "Happy ever after" actually exists, but the biggest thing is to let go of all pain and stress, and be happy.

Cultural References

  • Most of this episode is similar to the Adventure Time season 7 episode, "The Hall of Egress."

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