[While at bed]

Gumball: *wakes tired up* Man i hate it that summer is over!!!

Darwin: So much homework! books and learning!

[Gumball and Darwin walks tired downstairs]

Anais So you guys moan at the first schoolday?

[Gumball and Darwin sits on the bench]

Gumball: Yes!!

[At the school bus stop]

Gumball: *Angry* Man school is a full of [Bleep Sound Effect]

Green Bear: *Shocked* Hey! Don't say that kind of words!

Darwin: You mean school?

Green Bear: No! I mean... [Bleep Sound Effect]

Gumball: You are cool and these words are cool too! *He and Darwin steps in the schoolbus*

Green Bear: *Sighs and gets in the school bus*

[At School Bus]

Green Bear: Those words?! Then there will come a lot of a terror!

Gumball: An [Bleep Sound Effect] Terror?

Darwin: Yeah i don't want to listen to your.. [Bleep Sound Effect] Lies!

[Penny Shows Up] Penny: Hey Gumball! Check out my boyfriend Chad The Polar Bear

[Gumball shocks] Green Bear: The Terror will also make lose your ware love!

Gumball: Shut up you.. [Bleep Sound Effect] we will still say those cool words! [At school] Gumball: No of them is cooler than [Bleep Sound Effect]


[Green Bear Facepalms]

Green Bear: May i go with them?

[At Mr. Small's office]

Mr. Small: You know swearing is wrong and painful!

Green Bear: There will also come an Terror!

Mr. Small: The Terror huh? You know the universe don't wants to get ruined

[Gumball and Darwin disappeared from the office]

Green Bear: And they are gone...

[At the hall]

Gumball: Hey Sarah! We want to be your friends but you need some [Bleep Sound Effect]

[Sarah melts]

Darwin: Hey Penny! Why could we like some.. [Bleep Sound Effect]

Gumball: Bobert! Your IQ is more like an [Bleep Sound Effect]

[Bobert gets an error]

Gumball: Hey Tina some [Bleep Sound Effect] is coming to you

[At the restroom Gumball and Darwin shows up with wounds]

Gumball: People would be jealous if we said those words first

[Green Bear comes out from the toilet]

Green Bear: Let me guess...

Gumball: Green Bear! Stop! You're more like an Terrorist!

Green Bear: What?!

Darwin: Bobert come here! and use your Terrorist Detector

Bobert: [Scanning Green Bear if he is an Terrorist]

Bobert: His Terrorist meter is 50% so he is not an Terrorist

[A Wind comes that blows Gumball, Darwin, Green Bear and Bobert away]

[At the hallway]

Green Bear: That is the part of the terror

[A Black hole comes]

Gumball: Oh [Bleep Sound Effect] run!!!

[They run away]

Darwin: You're right Green Bear! There is an Terror!!

Green Bear: Then you had to listen to me guys!!

Gumball: We need an giant thing

[Black Hole appears]

Gumball: WOAH! [Runs away along with Darwin and Green Bear]

Green Bear: Hey! Lockers are big!!

Gumball: Come on!!!

[Gumball Darwin and Green Bear throws the locker away and the black hole disappears]

Green Bear: So fine that The Terror is over! Don't do this again!

Gumball and Darwin: Wow!

[Episode Ends]

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