The Team Up is an episode of Season 5 of The Amazing World of Gumball.


Rob teams up with another villain.


The episode starts with Gumball and Darwin reading some comic books in their bedroom. With Rob plotting a new way to destroy Gumball. But all of a sudden, a portal opens up, and out comes Mario, Luigi and Bowser, with Mario and Luigi trying to battle Bowser. Rob sees this as an opportunity to team up with Bowswer to destroy Gumball, with Bowser agreeing under one circumstance, destroying Mario and Luigi as well.

While walking down the street, Bowser and Rob has planted some traps for Gumball and Darwin, such as Bob-Ombs, Paratroopas, and Goombas. But Mario and Luigi come around the corner, and recognize these traps, so they try to get Gumball and Darwin out of the trap. After getting them to safety, Gumball and Darwin question the plumbers why they did that, with Mario and Luigi saying they were walking right into a trap. Gumball just scoffs at it and walks away. Rob gets furious at Mario and Luigi saving them, so he know wants to destroy them the same way he wants to destroy Gumball and Darwin.

After so many failed attempts at trying to destroy Gumball and Darwin and as well as Mario and Luigi, Bowser calls for his trusty crew, The Elite Trio, to assist him in the process. The Elite Trio battles Mario and Luigi, with Gumball and Darwin seeing it as entertainment. But Mario and Luigi warns them to stay back, as the Elite Trio is not the average Goomba, Paratroopa Koopa and Shy Guy. But they ignore the warning and they continue to watch from a dangerously close distance. Then they fire the Bullet Bill cannon, which the Bullet Bill goes of in a huge explosion, and Gumball and Darwin now see that Mario and Luigi were serious about it.

After defeating the Elite Trio, Bowser and Rob snap and they decide to team up to battle Mario and Luigi directly. Gumball and Darwin help by giving them plenty of syrup jars to keep up their Bros. Points and plenty of Mushrooms to keep up their stamina.

Mario and Luigi succeed in battling Rob and Bowser, and afterwards, they return to the Mushroom Kingdom. Gumball sees this as a great story to tell at school, with Darwin doubting anyone will believe it, ending the episode.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Corporal Paraplonk
  • Private Goomp
  • Sergeant Guy

Minor Characters

  • Miscellaneous Bob-Ombs, Goombas and Paratroopa Koopas


  • This episode featured famous Nintendo characters
    • Mario
    • Bowser
    • Luigi

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