Main Characters:

* Gumball

* Darwin

* Penny

Supporting Characters

* Nicola

* Richard

* Anais

* Other Characters made yourself

-Everything starts in school Mr.Small class-

Darwin:"I am boring"

Gumball:"Yeah me too.Hey I know what we can do.May be we can draw something"


-And they start drawing their draws-

-After a while Gumball draw Penny and fall in thinks about her.Darwin draw Dragon-

Darwin:"Hey pssss.....Gumball,Gumball"

-And he threatens Gumball-

-Gumball wake's up from dream-

Gumball:"Huh,what you say"

Darwin:"Nothing you soon will see it"

Gumball:"Please tell me what?"

Darwin:"No it's surprise for you.Exactly I accidentally found out your surprise from some person"

Gumball:"What is this person name?"

-Darwin moving negatively head-

Darwin:"No because it's surprise"

-Then Gumball angrily turn teacher side-

-Then Gumball and Darwin went home-

-While they went to homes Gumball say-

Gumball:"Why you can't tell me my secret surprise.I don't know when i'll get my surprise"

Darwin:"I will tell you what will need to do"


Darwin:"Not now"

-Gumball with serious face don't say any word while he went to homes-

-In homes Gumball sitting in sofa think what is this surprise and what's happens-

-Then comes Darwin and sit too next to Gumball-

Darwin:"After 10 minutes you will see your surpriseeee"

-After 5 minutes-

Darwin:"Okay now wear this"

Gumball:"What is this?"

Darwin:"Your new suit"

Gumball:"What comes with me?"


-Gumball know what comes at his-

-Gumball put on a suit-

-Then doorbell start ring-

-Kids parents is in the shop

-Now change camera to parents and Anais in shop

Nicola:"I wonder how the children"

Richard:"Relax,Honey they are real mans,they are quietly"

Nicola:"I hope

Anais:"Mum's right i think that too that they do something really bad"

-Nicola move the eyes up and down more times-

-Then camera move back to homes-

Darwin:"Okay she came,I hide somewhere"

-Gumball go to the door open the doors and notice Penny-


Gumball:"Hi Penny"

-Then Gumball lost he's words-

Gumball:"mmm..You me?"

Penny:"Yes Gumball"

Gumball:"Why you didn't tell me that you come at me?"

Penny:"I wanted to surprise you"

Gumball:"You did it"

Penny:"I try"

Gumball:"Come inside.Go up"


-Camera changed to parents who drive with car to the homes-

-Nicola drive car-

Nicola:"I feel that something wrong in homes

Richard:"Don't worry all is okay"

-Parents are near by homes-

-Camera changed back

-While they go up Gumball ask Penny-

Gumball:"So what you want to play"

Penny:"I would like sit in your room and quietly talk with you about me and you"


-Darwin can't take it no more and go outside-

-He perceive parents with Anais-

-He come inside to warn Gumball with Penny-

-Parents got out from car with Anais and come inside-

-Nicola perceive Darwin and says him-

Nicola:"Where is Gumball"

Darwin:"Upstairs in his room"

-Gumball and Penny are approaching one another to kiss-

-Nicola open Gumball doors and perceive Gumball with Penny and said-

Nicola:"Why you didn't tell me that at you cames girlfriend"


Nicola:"No more excuse your girlfriend need to go away because it is late"

-Gumball see of Penny at doors and said-

Gumball:"May be some another day when mum's not at home because she do not meet with any"

Penny:"Oh,okey then see you later Gumball"



Niocla:"That's it now you get house arrest"

Gumball:"I don't care"

-Gumball go up into the his room-

Gumball:"At least she gave me flowers and candy box"