"The Sounds" is the ninth episode in Season 5.

"The Sounds"
The Sounds Titlecard
Season: 5
Broadcast number: 440
Production code: GB510
Running time: 10 Minutes
Airing Information
U.S. air date: TV: March 16, 2017

VOD: February 27, 2017

U.K. air date: March 25, 2017
International premieres: TBA
Written by: Ben Bocquelet
Joe Parham
Daniel Berg
Tobi Wilson
James Hamilton
Andrew Jones
Ciaran Murtagh
Storyboarded by: Oliver Hamilton
Songs Featured

Episode Chronology
""The Glitches""
""The Breakup""


After getting knocked out from a rock, Darwin starts hearing strange sounds telling him terrible secrets; Which makes Gumball try to stop it.


Main Characters



Supporting Characters


Banana Joe

Minor Characters


Bandage Doctor

Mr. Small









Note that all the voices are different from each other. Not the same one.

[The episode starts with the boy team (Gumball, Darwin, Tobias and Banana Joe), Skateboarding]

Gumball, Tobias and Banana Joe: Darwin! Do a flip over the rock!!

Darwin: Okay! [Skates and just when is flipping, Hits his head on the rock]

[The camera cuts to Darwin unconscious in first person as lighting can be heard]

Gumball: Darwin! Are you okay?!

[The trio walk to Darwin]

Gumball: Darwin, Talk to me! Are you con--

[Darwin becomes unconscious and a hospital monitoring beep can be heard.]

[Darwin wakes up in the hospital with Gumball watching him]

Gumball: He's waking up!

Bandage Doctor: Seems as if he is alive, But he's hurt.

Voice in Darwin's Mind: Take out the doc.

Darwin: [Gains consciousness] WHAT THE WHAT?

Gumball: Darwin! Speak to me buddy!

Darwin: I am conscious!

Darwin: I just h--

Voice in Darwin's Mind: Keep Silent and don't give the plan out.

Gumball: Yeah?


Bandage Doctor: [Comes into the room] What is it?

Darwin: I HEAR SO--

Voice in Darwin's Mind: Keep the plan a secret.

Darwin: UGH, I HEAR SOUN--

Voice in Darwin's Mind: Don't confess or confess and die.

Darwin: I... Ummm...

Bandage Doctor: You what?!

Darwin: [Nervous] Ummm... Nevermind!

Bandage Doctor: [Grunts and walks away]

Gumball: Are you okay now?

Darwin: I guess.

Voice in Darwin's Mind: Get out and take the plan; Bail the other's.

Gumball: Alright.

[Black screen]

Dorwn: i em maekd camyo

gormbil: scru u dorwn

Dorwn: shet uap gormbil ve gota gte otu of hre

gormbil: ok whtever u idot

[gormbil and dorwn walk away]

[Cuts to Watterson brothers coming out of the hospital]

Gumball: So Darwin, You feel better?

Darwin: Yeah, I guess.

Voice in Darwin's Mind: Bail and now cut the big wire.

Darwin: [Scream]

Gumball: [Gets scared] WHAT THE WHAT WAS THAT?!

Darwin: Nothing.

[Cuts to Darwin alone in the Watterson kid's room; The curtains flow, Darwin is sitting on the bed]

Darwin: But why are you haunting me?

Voice in Darwin's Mind: Because you must do the plan or have a miserable can.

Darwin: Alright just stop with the rhyming!

Voice in Darwin's Mind: You should eat potatoes in your school cafeteria and inhale all food; Or you will have the madness.

Darwin: [Scared] Okay...!

[Cuts to the cafeteria]

Darwin: And now the voice told me to eat potato.

Gumball: Dude you shouldn't listen to those voices.

Darwin: But I have to! I'm scared of them!

[Darwin starts inhaling all food and Gumball tries to keep his lunch plate still but Darwin sucks it all]

Gumball: DUDE!

Darwin: Sorry.

Voice in Darwin's Mind: Go get potato salad and a light sandwich or go to the void.

Darwin: [Gasp]

[Camera cuts and Darwin is having potato salad and a light sandwich]

Gumball: [Spreads arms] Well let's go to Mr. Small to get help!

[Cuts to Mr. Small's room]

Mr. Small: ...And that's how you should stop these voices!

Voice in Darwin's Mind: Don't listen to the cloud or you'll break the bound.

Darwin: [Whispers to the voices] What do I do?

Voice in Darwin's Mind: Sarcastically cheer to him but act like your being enthusiastic.

Darwin: [Sarcastically cheers] Whoooooo!

Gumball: [Irritated] Ughhhh...... Let's just go to the Library.

[Cuts to the Library, Gumball and Darwin are with Sarah.]

Sarah: Okay then what's the problem?

Gumball: Darwin keeps hearing different sounds.

Sarah: Oh! Then let's make him watch a static for some time without blinking!

Gumball: But how will we stop making him blink?

Sarah: Leave that to me!

[Cuts to Darwin watching a static, with french fries keeping his eyes open]

Voice in Darwin's Mind: You should stop this.

Darwin: To be honest.

Gumball and Sarah: Mhm?

Darwin: This isn't working, Also I don't really think french fries are a good idea.

[Darwin throws the two fries into a fan]

Gumball: Let's just do something else.

[Cuts to Watterson kid's bedroom]

Gumball: Come on Darwin! If you stop hating it, It'll go away!

Darwin: Like? You didn't even do that!

Gumball: Yes I did, I hated my tattoo of Penny and it haunted me in my dreams! But now I overcame it!

Darwin: You made a tattoo of Penny?

Gumball: Yeah! [Takes off his sweater and points at his arm, Where the tattoo is]


Gumball: See?

[Far out]

Gumball: [Puts back on his sweater] Well?

Voice in Darwin's Mind: If you listen you won't live.

Darwin: [Scared] Nope.... I don't think I wanna.

Gumball: [Facepalm]

[Cuts to Watterson car]

Gumball: [Talking to Nicole] And see? All these voices!

[Cuts to Nicole and she faces the kids]

Nicole: Oh Darwin honey, You should just find a solution yourself! Or just... Repeat your actions!

Darwin: How?

Nicole: You know.... Do what you already did!

Darwin: [Camera zooms in as he gasps]

[Cuts to next to Molly's treehouse; Where Gumball, Darwin, Tobias and Banana Joe are there; Darwin is with his skateboard]

Gumball: So you're gonna repeat?

Darwin: YES! [Darwin skates and once again; He gets hit and injured badly]

[The other boys walk to Darwin]

Gumball: Will it work?

Darwin: [Injured badly] Yep. Worth it. [Faints]

Voice in Darwin's Mind: [Darwin doesn't hear] It is done.

[The screen fades to black, Then goes to first person, The eyes of Darwin; He wakes up and the camera cuts to him]

Darwin: ughh.

Gumball: Did it work?

Darwin: [Asking to voice] Any tip, voices?

[Gumball and Darwin wait for 10 seconds; Eventually Darwin realizes the voices are gone]

Darwin: They're gone!

Gumball: Good! But the bad thing is all your bones are broken and you'll be hear for the next three months.

[Gumball and Darwin are both in a scared like suprised face, The episode ends with the camera on Darwin]



  • This episode was heavily renamed. The original title was "The Voices", The second title was "The Bonk", The third title was "The Aftervoice", The fourth title was "The Vocals", The fifth title was "The Uttering", The sixth title was "The Fish", The seventh title was "The Vox", (the seventh title was removed due to no singing in the episode), The eight title was "The Phonations" until it was chosen as the title would be "The Sounds". Other than The Sounds as the title, The Phonations was the most chosen title.
  • If one listens close; When Gumball says "Darwin! Are you okay?!", Jacob Hopkins actually recorded that, (the line was recorded before The Specie PT 2 was recorded) but Logan Grove's deep voice can be heard, Throughout the episode Nicolas sounds like Logan Grove.
  • Gormbil and Dorwn, Two characters from other TAWOG universes, Make a cameo in this episode.
  • This episode was going to air on February 11, 2017; But it was changed to a thursday.

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