• Gumball
  • Darwin
  • Penny
  • Carrie


  • This series will take place on 4 season 5th episode


  • TBA

Cultural References

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________All starts school dining hall_________

Gumball: "Darwin, You want to taste my sandwich?"

Darwin: "Yup!"

_Gumball give Darwin taste sandwich_

Darwin: "Mmmm, It is very tasty!

Gumball: "Thanks!"

Rocky: "Soon everyone to leave school at school is a monster!!!"

Carrie: "it's not a monster! it is a mouse!

Rocky: "Aaa"

Gumball: "Rocky is a fool!"

Darwin: "yea"

Gumball: "Go home?"

Darwin: "okay!"

_Gumball and Darwin go home_

_Gumball stumbles_

Gumball: "Ai, i tripped!

_Gumball crying_

Darwin: "I'll help you go home!"

_Darwin helps Gumball go home_

Gumball: "Thank you for helping to get home!"

Nicole: "what happened to your leg"

Darwin: "Gumball fell"

_Gumball climbs up the ladder and fall down _

Gumball: "I think that I have imposed a curse"

_Gumball into the hospital_

Darwin: "How are you?

Gumball: "Bad, how to remove the curse?"

Nurse: "You are lucky, the consequences could be bigger"

Gumball: "I'll go to library"

Darwin: "i also!"

_Gumball and Darwin on the way walking to the library meets a penny

Gumball: "Hi Penny!"

Penny: "Hi Gumball! what happened to your leg?"

Gumball: "i fell...."

Penny: "Sad...."

Darwin: "yea i know....."

Gumball: "we go to the library to find books which have been written to remove the curse!"

Penny: "Okay, Bye Gumball, Good luck!"

Gumball: "Bye, I love you!"

_Gumball and Darwin enter in the library_

Darwin: "look, I found a book about curses!"

Gumball: "where?"

Darwin: "here!"

Gumball: "what is written there?"

Darwnin: "there is written to remove the curse, need darkness and a mirror, and read these words [in maledictionem, et de pauperibus Vade]!"

Gumball: "okay, I will do it, but it's scary!"

_Gumball go to the bathroom at home_

Gumball: "in maledictionem, et de pauperibus Vade"

_Vase falls from the shelf_

Gumball: "i am scared"

_from gumball black spirit go out  and white spirit go inside_

Darwin: "yes, you are not cursed anymore"

Gumball: "hi five"

Darwin: "yea!!!"