The Run Is A Season Picklehazard1 episode That came after The Ocean And Before The Revenge.

Llabmug: I Don't Get It. If People Who Commit Crimes Go To Jail, Wouldn't Jail Be A Crime?

Niwrad: Yeah, these Beds Aren't Beds, There Planks.

Llabmug: Worst Of All, We Can't Be With Our Family!

Llabmug and Niwrad: SIANA? SIANA ARE You there?


(Goes To The Nosrattaw's House, Siana is Planning To Get Anais Into The Wilderness)

Siana: Ugh, I Can't Stand That Little Rascal! I Will Get Her Once And For All!

(Goes To Anais's Dreams)

Anais: Hello? Hello? Anyone there? Are These Cactuses Carmen Just Staying Still?

(Carmen Shows Up)

Carmen: No, That Would Be Extremely Uncomfortable And Careless.

(Carmen Disappears, Then, Siana Appears Is A Gigantic Robot)

Siana: Time To end This 4-Year Old Watterson Noob!

Anais: (Trying Not To Cry) You Meanie.

(Siana Crushes Anais, Then Anais Wakes Up.)

Anais: AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

(Nicole and Richard Come Into Anais's room)

Nicole: What's Wrong Anais?

Anais: I Had The Worst Nightmare, I Was Crushed By Siana, My Evil Clone And Llabmug And Niwrad's Little Sister, In The Desert!

(The Sun Comes Up)

The Sun: Good Morning!

Gumball: Sis, You've Been Acting really weird Lately.

Anais: I Had A nIghtmare That Could Come True!

Gumball: Did It Have Do To With Siana?

Anais: How Did You Know?

Gumball: No Other Sources Of Realization.

Nicole: Anais, You're Going To Be A Winner And On The Stars For Our Fridge Chart!

Gumball: Mom, Don't Do This AGAIN.

Nicole: I Am Your Mother, Not Your Daughter.

Gumball: Okay, Fine. Just Don't Take Her To The Desert.

(Nicole And Anais Show Up At The Desert)

Anais: (Angrily) Mom, Gumball Told You Specifically Not To Take Me Here!

(Nicole Disappears With the Car)

Anais: Mom?..... AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Siana: I Made Your Dream Show Up In Your Brain, Now It's Going To Come True!

(Siana Chases Anais Through The World)

Anais: Phew, I Outran Her.

Yllom: Hi, I'm the Evil Version of Molly Collins from Your Brother's school, But Me And The Other students Refuse To Be Villains, So We Have To Stay here-On The Moon.

Anais: Okay..

Yllom: There Are Ohco, Notyalc, Ekuj, and Others.

Anais: Are You Saying, I Outran Siana And Now I'm On The Moon?

Yllom: Yes, Yes You Are.

Anais: I Really Need To Get Back home.

Yllom: Mind If I Come To Visit?

Anais: Of Course You can Come.

(Anais And Yllom Jump Off The Moon Together And Land In The Wattersons House.)

Nicole: Who Is This Black Sauropod?

(Gumball And Darwin come In With rubber Batons)

Gumball: That Looks suspicious.

Anais: No, That's Just Yllom, A Requested But rEjected Dino From The Moon.

Gumball: sounds Like Molly's evil Version.

Gumball And Darwin: You Are Going Down.

(Gumball And Darwin Attack Yllom, Then Siana Shows up)

Siana: Freeze!

(Doughnut Cop Appears Behind Siana And Tases Her)

Doughnut Cop: You Freeze!

Anais: Yay! You Did It Officer!

But Something Good Happens To her: She Sees Her Two Brothers Again!

Aaais: That's Okay.

(Goes To Elmore Jail)

Siana: I Will Have My Revenge!





Carmen (Dream)



the Sun



Molly (Mentioned)

Ohco (mentioned)

Notyalc (mentioned)

Ekuj (mentioned)

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