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The Rewind is the 107th episode in Season 7.
"The Rewind"
Season: 7
Broadcast number: 404
Production code: 64WE
Running time: 4:00AM
Airing Information
U.S. air date: 10:00PM
U.K. air date: 12:00AM
International premieres: 18:00
Written by: ADgee
Storyboarded by: ADgee
Comic Book Artist: ADgee
Songs Featured

Episode Chronology
"The Time Travel (coming soon)"


Gumball wants to prove he can time travel without breaking the time-space continuum.


Stub Hey, This article is a stub. You can help Gumball Fanon Randomness Wiki by expanding it.

Episode starts with Gumball, Darwin and Anais in the school hall. They are talking about their future,as they move onwards the next classroom. Gumball, very sure of himself, says that he could create a time machine in order to relive his childhood. Darwin and Anais laugh it off, as Gumball says angeredly that nothing is impossible. Anais stops his laughter,and tells him that the technology isn't advanced enough to do one,and also it would create a paradox which could destroy the universe. A wordless Gumball stares,and Darwin tells that it isn't a good idea.

Gumball then goes and asks Mr.Small, and he tells Gumball he may do something to do it. He tells that he has to concentrate in front of a whiteboard with a crack and a clock drawn on it. He then follows the instructions,and a crack in middle air opens. Mr.Small tells Gumball that that is called a "time gap",which separates the timeline in three. He then tells him that they have to wear tinfoils hats to protect himself.


Main Characters





Supporting characters



Rob (cameo)

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