Gumball opens a restraunt to impress Penny.

-School lunchroom-

Gumball: *looks in his lunch bag * Man, mom Packed Me a Tuna Sandwhich .

Darwin: Wanna Trade

Gumball: Sure What do u Have

Zack:*Walks By * "Sup

Gumball;Oh , Nothing

Zack:Guess what . Tobis Is opening a Restraunt To Impress Penny

Gumball ; What

Zack;yup its ture

Gumball ;I'm Going To Open a Restraunt ,too

- Home dinner table-

Gumball; Hey ,Mom


Gumball: Can i Open a restraunt]

Nicole; Fine

Gumball & Darwin:Yes!

-Tommorw ,gum Bedroom-

Gumball :*wakes up* Ah only 6:11am

Darwin: *also wakes up* Dude what r u doing ? It's Saturday

Gumball :We 're opening a restraunt , remember

Darwin: Oh yeah Let's get started

Nicole:*walks in * Why r u guys up so early

Darwin ;We're opening a restraunt

Nicole : Did u guys ask me

Gumball ;Yeah ,remember

-To be contiuned

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