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Trivia:1st Fan Episode by AlchanyIncorperated.

Season Special1,Episode 1


Gumball,Darwin and Anais are stuck in the house after a thunderstorm hits Elmore.





Minor Characters




[Scene 1]

[The location is the Watterson Residence]

[Time: 2:30 PM]

Gumball:Ugh,what time is it?

Darwin:Oh,it's 2:30.

Gumball:What!You mean I slept that late?!

Darwin:Yes,you did.

Gumball:Could you wake me up the next time you do?

Darwin:I tried,you still didn't wake up. sure is wet outside.

[Suddenly,thunder is heard outside.]

Gumball and Darwin:*Scream*

[Gumball hides under bed.]

Darwin:Wow,I haven't seen you go under there in a while.

Gumball:Stay QUIET!It can hear you!

[Anais walks in.]

Gumball:Anais!Did you hear that?

Anais:Hear what?It's just lightning.

Gumball:Don't call it by it's slave name!

Anais:That's enough!You two are a bunch of scardy cats!One metaphoricly,one quite literally.

Gumball:Meta-whatchamacallit?Stop trying to confuse me!Your efforts won't work!

Anais:*Shrugs*,get out of bed,you two!

[Anais pulls blanket off of Gumball]

Anais:It's 2:30!You guys should be awake by now!

Darwin:I mean I was...

Anais:Anyways guys,I made you guys lunch.It's in the kitchen.

Gumball:Aww,how nice of you.

Anais:This is your only one for the month,though!

Darwin:You just became heartless in an instant.

Anais:It's peanut butter and jelly.Get it now before it's cold.

Darwin:Anais,you should know this,sandwiches aren't heated.


Gumball:Why should we?This is our room,after all.

Anais:You guys sleep in the guest room tonight.

Darwin:We have a guest room?

Anais:Chop chop!

[Scene 2]

[Location:Watterson Household's Kitchen]

[Time: 2:32 PM]

Gumball is showing Darwin and Anais the art of PBJ Sandwich Dunking.

Gumball:So you cut it into strips,

Gumball:Dunk them in the coffee mug full of milk about halfway,

Gumball:And you eat.*eats*


Anais:That's absolutely disgusting.

Darwin:I have to agree,I would never do that in my life.

[Phone rings]


Richard:This is a stickup!Nobody move!


Richard:Oh,it's you!

Gumball:Where are you?

Richard:Me and your mother are at the beach for a vacation.

Nicole:*Muffled*I'm the one that worked.I deserve this.

Richard:Are you kids behaving?

Gumball:Yep,we are in the kitchen.

Richard:Remember,we'll be back on Sunday,okay?



Anais:I'm surprised they could afford to go there.

Darwin:They have the money you know.

Gumball:*Continues eating"

Darwin:Is that even safe?

Anais:I think I'm going to be sick.

Gumball:It's good.Try it.

[Motions strip to Anais]

Anais:No thanks.

[Darwin runs out of room.]

Gumball:Where did Darwin go?

[Pause:About 15 seconds.]

[Darwin re-enters.]

Darwin:Ugh,don't ever do that again,Gumball...

Anais:You got a little green stuff on your shirt.

Darwin:I know.

[Scene 3]

[Location:Watterson Guest Room]

[Time: 2:39 PM]

Anais:Here it is.

[Points to a wooden door with:Guest Room:on it.]

[Opens door.]

Gumball:This seems nice.

Darwin:Why have we never known of this place?

Anais:Because Mom and Dad never trusted it with you.I think your old enough.Keyword is think.

Darwin:I want this to be my room instead.

Anais:This is for guests only.We haven't had guests here since YOU always screw it up!

Gumball:What about Granny J-*Falls to the floor.*

Darwin:...Granny Joe Joe?

Anais:She has her own room.Gumball,why are you on the floor?

Darwin:He remembers the kiss.

Anais:Still not out of his head?

Gumball:I'm fine.*Pops fingers*

Darwin:Why are we sleeping here if it's for guests only?

Anais:Because I wanted to try something diffrent today.It's funner that way.

Darwin:Is that even a word?

Anais:Yes,funner is a word.There's a bunch of arguments about it all over the web.

Gumball:We should get used to this.*Stretches*

Anais:I was lying.I didn't know you would take me seriously.I'm going to grab a snack.

Gumball:Well,that was an interesting day.


Goofs and Errors

  • After the scene where Gumball slices the sandwich up,the knife goes missing
  • In one scene,Darwin,in closed captions,is spelled,"Dawin".

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