The Rage is the second episode in Alpha Ranger's series.                           

"The Rage"
Season: 1
Broadcast number: 2
Production code: Alpha Ranger
Running time: 6:00 PM EST
Airing Information
U.S. air date: July 2, 2015
U.K. air date: July 2, 2015
International premieres: July 2, 2015
Written by: Alpha Ranger
Storyboarded by: Alpha Ranger
Comic Book Artist: Alpha Ranger
Songs Featured

Episode Chronology
""The House""
""The Rumor""


Gumball has a bad enough day to wish everything away.


Wattersons (excluding Gumball): *knocking on Gumball's door* We are supposed to be doing things today!

Gumball: NO!

Nicole: Why not?

  • wattersons go in gumball's room*

Gumball: s*gets a devil-like voice* BECAUSE I'M IN A BAD MOOD...

Anais: The best thing to do when your down is to actually DO SOMETHING!

Darwin: She's right dude...

Gumball: *turns into a Devil* I DON'T CARE CAN'T YOU ALL GET OUT OF MY LIFE!

  • they disappear*

Gumball: Uh, ok...? *goes downstairs* You guys must be around here somewhere. *looks around* They probably just left without me. I'm just going to watch TV.

  • 2 hours later*

Gumball: It looks like i'm alone... But i'm still angry. Might as well see what people are doing.

Gumball: Man nobody is here today...

Gumball: *pretends to be really angry pushing everyone out of the way* I AM IN A BAD MOOD *opens eyes* Nobody is here?

Gumball: I'll sing! COME JOIN IN.

Gumball: It might seem crazy but I'm like a hot air balloon i'm about to blow up with anger! I care about everything everybody does. BECAUSE I'M ANGRY! Come on and stomp with me! Stomp alone if you think ANGER is the worst. But I will try to just be fine! *stops singing* Well, I guess everyone is gone.

(You could see no cars no people no nothing except a bunch of houses.)

Gumball: I think something must be wrong here...

(You could see black smoke coming in)

Gumball: *starts running away* WHAT IS THAT?

(You could see the smoke starting to come left right and down towards Gumball which is now on his couch.)

Gumball: *screams* I THINK THIS IS THE END *opens eyes* It's just black? *walks around* I just hit a wall! Wait, i'm in my house... *sees Banana Joe walking* BANANA JOE!

Banana Joe: Why is nobody here?

Gumball: BANANA JOE *walks in front of him* DUDE, IT"S ME..

Banana Joe: I'm scared.. NOBODY IS HERE

Gumball: I can see him but he can't see me.

(sees sign that says "Welcome to the Aither!")

Gumball: Wait, what if I go to someone else's house... *goes to Banana Joe's house* Nobody is here...

(Voice speaks.)

Some Voice: We are supposed to do things today! I'M IN A BAD MOOD! If you're in a bad mode you should do something!

Gumball: What is going ON! *everything goes back to normal*

Darwin: Hey Gumball!

Gumball: Did you guys see what happened? WITH THE SMOKE.

Anais: I think you need to go outside more.

Gumball: Ok... I'm going to my room for now. *thinks in room*

Gumball: *gasp* That voice was...WILLIAM! *thinks* The aither, is a dimension that you go to if you wish something away important... like your family you go there. I think I have wished so many things away that it caused dark maybe evil...smoke to cover the town. So, why was William's voice there?

(Episode Ends)

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