[Richard tries to put the camera good]

Richard: Hello! My name is Richard Watterson! Let's show u the characters!

[Camera cuts to Gumball and Darwin]

Richard: These are my children Gumball and Darwin! Darwin seems to be alive! He got replaced by Aaron! And Gumball's former name is Zach!

Gumball: Oh! Hello watchers!

[Camera cuts to Larry]

Larry: Hello! Im Larry Needlemeyer! I show you the products!

Richard: Show me!

Time Card: 1 hour later

Larry: Mr. Watterson! Please put that cardboard away!

Richard: Oh! Okay!

[Camera cuts to the wedding of Larry and Karen]

Richard: Look watchers this is the worst wedding ever!!!!

[Richard grabs a stone]

Richard: Look at this

[Richard throws a stone at Karen and runs away]

Richard: Look guys! Those are guards! If u want to escape them,  throw more stones

[Camera cuts to Vladus]

Vladus: Hello! My name is Vladus! Im a Fire Fighter! If u want to be an fire fighter...

Richard: You hold the camera and i'll do it

[Richard tries to spray the burning building but he sprayed the other fire fighters as an accident]

Vladus: Dude!!!!!

[Camera cuts to Richard recording himself and walking to Richwood High]

Richard: Hey! What kind of school is this?

Richard: Richweu uuuhh.. Rich... Uhhhhhh.. Richwhat Hive!

[Richard goes Inside walking to Carlton and Troy]

Richard: Hello im Richard Watterson! And im recording my own tape with using the camera of Gumball and Darwin!

Richard: Gumball and Darwin played Tennis with them!

Carlton: Uhhh... Hey.......

[Camera cuts to the army base]

Richard: Man! That was too long walking! [Climbs into the base and the alarm goes on]

Richard: I never knew there was an party in the army base!

Jolly Burger: GET HIM MENS!

[French Fry army runs to richard]

[Camera cuts to the army jail]

Richard: Let's show you how to escape!

[Camera cuts to Elmore]

'Richard': This is Elmore! The biggest town!

Richard: I would like to call it! The Amazing World of Gumball! Uhh no! The Amazing World of Richard! Noo!!! Wait! The Amazing World of the Watterson

Richard: Im an Rabbit!

Richard: Let's post it on Elmore Stream it!


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