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"The Potion" is a Season 1 episode.

"The Potion"
The Potion Titlecard
Season: 1
Broadcast number: 1
Airing Information
U.S. air date: TBA
International premieres: TBA
Episode Chronology


Anais along with Penny try to find a cure for a weird potion that caused illness to spread through Elmore.


Main Characters

  • Anais Watterson
  • Penny Fitzgerald

Minor Characters

  • Gumball Watterson
  • Darwin Watterson
  • Burger Cop
  • Alan Keane
  • Carmen
  • Rob
  • Rocky Robinson
  • Bobert
  • Masami Yoshida
  • Sarah G. Lato
  • Tobias Wilson
  • Tina Rex
  • Carrie Kruger
  • Josh
  • Clare Cooper


[A bird is chirping and flying in the air until an arrow hits the poor bird thus killing it.]

Penny: Anais! I said shoot the doll I hang at the tree branch, not a bird! [Points her hand at the tree, sighs.]

Anais: [Puts the bow down] Can we just take a walk instead of doing archery? I know you said you want to hangout with me because Gumball is busy and you two promises to do archery today, but I have never played it before. Not to mention I just killed a bird.

Penny: I suppose that's not the only thing you've shot.

[The camera zooms out, showing a pile of creatures stacked up.]

Anais: Oops. I didn't realize I'll turn into a murder in just seven minutes.

Penny: It's fine, let's go and get some fresh air.

[Penny and Anais are walking together across the park and the lake.]

Anais: So, how was you relationship with my brother?

Penny: I wouldn't say it's good nor bad. Somewhat in between of misery and happiness.

Anais: You guys didn't seem to get along very well anymore. If I remember, I saw you keep getting annoyed by him.

[Both of them stop walking.]

Penny: Wait, how did you know?

Anais: The writer said so.

Penny: What?

Anais: Nevermind.

Penny: Okay...? He apologized for it so everything is fine now I guess.

Anais: I wonder if he's actually busy or just using the word "busy" as an excuse.

Penny: He's definitely slacking off right now. Anyway, we aren't gonna waste up time by talking about him. Let's get to know each other more.

Anais: How?

Penny: You know, by introducing like when we make a new friend.

Anais: Right. You're going to do it first.

Penny: Let's go somewhere we can sit and talk like an actual friend who have known for years.

[Penny and Anais are shown sitting on a picnic table seats.]

Penny: I'm Penny Fitzgerald, a 12 years old girl who lives with my parents and my younger sister. Nice to meet you. [Shakes Anais's hand]

Anais: [Shakes Penny's hand awkwardly back] Is it necessary to shake someone's hand in a introduction? And you introduction sounds like someone from the first grade. Just introduce like a normal people.

Penny: A social awkward and a four years old kid shouldn't be telling someone older who socialize more how to do such stuff.

Anais: Excuse me?

[Anais puts down her pen she used for writing in her little note book.]

Anais: I might be only four years old, but I take care of Gumball definitely better than you do by making him breakfast, hacking a security system in Darwin's domination to let him pass the entrance and helping him deliver gifts on the Sluzzle Tag day.

Penny: No need to bring up something from years ago. [Rolls her eyeballs] I'm Penny Fitzgerald, I'm 12 and lives with my parents along with my sister. Got it?

Anais: Yes, thank you. I'm Anais Watterson, a genius four years old kid who lives in a weird family of mine.

Penny: Finally, someone admitted their family is weird.

Anais: Well you should be more concerned how you are a monster lives under a shell for three years.

Penny: Hey, stop talking back to me!

Anais: You're starting it first!

[They argue until a paper flies by and got stuck at Anais's face.]

Anais: [Takes the paper off her face and read it] Wait, what is this?

[Penny confiscates it from Anais's hand.]

Penny: [Reads the content stated at the article] It say; "I will spread the potion so she can feel how I feel!". What does that mean?

Anais: There's a log date of this note. Look! [Points to the log date] 03-02-17 or the second day of March! This is written yesterday!

Penny: Don't be so suspicious, it might only be a dairy of a person who got rejected by his crush.

Anais: But why is it here?

Penny: Just put it in the trash. [Looks at her watch] Oh my gosh, I need to head home now. Goodbye!

Anais: I'm heading home too. Bye!

[The camera zooms in to the Wattersons' house then it fades to Gumball's bedroom. Anais is staring at the paper.]

Anais: It's a threat or not?

Gumball: Anais just go to sleep already.

Darwin: Yea, rather than staring at the paper, you better get some sleep.

Anais: [Sighs as she climbs to the top bed] Fine.

[The screens fades to black until an alarm clock is shown ringing. Anais closes the alarm, continuing her sleep until she realizes it's school time.]

Anais: Oh my gosh I need to get ready as fast I can! [She gets ready at a hyper speed, causing her to lose her balance when she goes into the school bus.]

Penny: Hey, Anais! [Pats the seat beside her.]

Anais: Hi, Penny. [Sits beside Penny] So I woke up late, tries to get everything done in a non-ordinary speed and now my head is shaking like an earthquake.

Penny: [Sneakers] That's funny. Wait a minute, your brothers don't wake you up?

Anais: I don't know, I don't see them anywhere.

Penny: They must have gone earlier.

Anais: Well I guess they are not the only people to go early to school. [The screen reveals that no one is in the bus besides Anais, Penny and Rocky.]

Penny: Hey Rocky! Where is everyone?

[Rocky turns his face to them, and what they saw was shocking. Rocky dresses like a woman such as wearing lipstick and a fake hair. Anais and Penny were disgusted.]

Anais: [Whispers to Penny] Why the food would he do such weird thing?

Penny: The kids went to school earlier and Rocky dressed like a woman? What does that even mean?

Anais: There must be something going around. Like a zombie apocalypse caused by a plant but we're the only people who aren't infected by the virus.

[As soon as the bus arrived, the school seems to be quite. Penny and Anais walk into the building but there was no one around.]

Anais: It's only 7:15 AM but school starts on 7:30. Why are they in the class already?

Penny: This is more complicated than I thought...

[Penny walks in the class and she was pretty shocked with what she just saw. The whole class dressed as the oppose of themselves.]

Penny: Oh my god, what just happened to you all?

Carrie: Awh, it's nothing, just a change!

Gumball: Everything sucks.

Darwin: My life have been sucked in the void.

Alan: Who cares about how other people feel, my feelings are much more matter.

Penny: [Walks up to Gumball] Dude, what is going on?

Gumball: It doesn't matter, none of your business.

Penny: I'm being serious, tell me!

Gumball: Go ask someone else, you punk! [Pushes her]

Penny: [Walks to her seat] What the actual what? Everything's odd.

[The school bell rings as the sign of lunch break. Anais and Penny walks together to the cafeteria.]

Anais: Remember the note we got? I guess-

Penny: -No way. No way. We got into an apocalypse and we're the only people saved from the illness.

Anais: I knew it! But why are we the only people who are aware of this situation?

Penny: Because usually the villain doesn't attack the main characters.




  • Anais breaks the fourth wall by saying "The writer said so", referencing the people who think of the plot of the episode.
  • Alternative designs of them are counted as the official design in the GRATISTICArtistic fanon world.
  • Anais referencing to multiple episodes from the original episodes, such as:
    • "Making him breakfast": The Responsible
    • "Hacking a security system": The Safety
    • "Helping him deliver gifts": The Lie
  • The line "Like a zombie apocalypse caused by a plant" is a reference to Train To Busan.

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