"The Plot" In The Third Episode Of TAWOG: Evil Clone Invasion. Siana And Anais Are Planning Revenge On Each Other. It Comes After "The Run" And Before "The Normal".

Siana: Well, I Can't Destroy Anais, And My Siblings Are In Jail. *Sighs*

(Llabmug And Niwrad Show Up)

Llabmug: Wrong!

Siana: What? How Did You Escape?

Llabmug: I Dunked Myself In Blue Paint They Had For Some Reason.

Niwrad: Same, But With Orange Paint.

Siana: I'm Glad Your Back. Got Any Pink Paint?

(Llabmug Brings Up Paint Bucket)

Llabmug: Sure Do!

Siana: Thanks.

(Siana Dunks Herself In The Pink Paint.

(goes To Elmore Junior High)

Gumball: *Silence*

Penny: Gumball?

Bobert: Chewing Gum+Sphere?

Juke: Bsh Bsh Bsh?

Clayton: Gumball? (Quietly) Isn't Your Name.

Frank And Bean: Darwin's Blue Bag?

Rob: Nemesis?

Ocho: Gum-beep-Ball-?

Gumball: Okay, It's Just Llabmug And niwrad Escaped Prison.

Darwin: I'm More Afraid About Niwrad.

(gGoes To A View Of the Nosrattaws house And The Wattersons House.)

Anais: I feel Really.. Evil.

Siana: I Am evil, So I Feel Normal.

Anais: Here's The Plan: We Go Meet Up, I Will Give Her An Apology Present, That Is Actually A Bomb.

Gumball: Wouldn't That Be Too Violent?

Anais: Not A Bomb, That Bomb Guy From Detention. He's Really Angry. He's In This Box.

(Anais Opens Box)

Bomb Guy: Get Me Out Of This Trapbox You jerk.

Anais: Dude. I Can defend Myself From Rude Speech.

Bomb Guy: FINE!

(Anais Puts The Box's Lid Back On)

(Goes To View Of The Nosrattaw's House)

Siana: Bmob A Yllautca Si Taht ,Tneserp Ygolopa Na Reh Evig Lliw I ,Pu Teem Og ew :Nalp Eht S'ereh

Llabmug: What?

siana: Never Mind.

(Anais And Siana Meet Up While Running To Each Other's House)

Anais: I Got You A Gift!

Siana: !Tfig A Ouy Tog I

Anais: What?

Siana: Never Mind. Let's Open Our "Gifts".

(Siana And Anais Open Their Fake Gifts To Realize They actually Are Apology Cards)

Siana And Anais: What?

Anais: I'm Sorry For Being Mean?! That's Not My Gift!

Siana: !Tfig Ym Ton S/taht !?Naem Gnieb Rof Yrros M'i

Anais: Seriously, Why Are You Talking Liek That?

Siana: Just Don't Mind.

Anais: I guess We're Okay Right Now.

Siana: I Guess Your Right Let's Go To Our Homes.

(Siana And Anais Walk Back Home Which is Where The Setting Changes To.)

Bomb Guy: You Guys Are So Going To Get It!

Darwin: Are You Sure We should Have Freed Him?

Gumball: Nah, It's Fine.















Bomb Guy


this Is The First Season Picklehazard1 Episode To Have Penny, Bobert, Juke Clayton, The Eggheads, Rob, And Ocho

It Is Also The Debut Of The Bomb Guy


This Is Siana and Anais's Second Major Role. their First Was In "The Run"

This Is The Second Episode To Have 1 Or More Micellanious Elmore Junior High.

Cultural References:

Anais Mentioning That She Would Pretend the Bomb Guy Didn't Insult her Is Similar To A Line From Homer in The Simpsons Episode: Itchy And Scratchy The Movie

Anais Was Going To Mention She And Siana Going "Spy Vs. Spy" On Each Other, Which In A Popular Comic Section Is The MAD Franchise.

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