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[The episode starts at the Wattersons' house, At Gumball and Darwin's room]

[Closeup on the clock, It hits 12 AM.]

Gumball: [Wakes up and gasps] Darwin! You know what day it is today? BRO D-- [Looks at the fishbowl]

[Darwin appears to not be in the fishbowl.]

Gumball: Where's Darwin? [Anais starts talking at Gumball looks up]

Anais: He woke up early today and got to school early.

Gumball: Oh.

Anais: [Gets up from bed] I think it's time I wake up now, Don't you think Gumball? [Looks down]

[Gumball is gone and isn't in bed.]

Anais: I guess he just went.

[Scene cuts to Gumball dressed up, He walks outside of the Watterson house]

Gumball: Rocky I'm here!

Gumball: Huh?

[Gumball waits for a few seconds and Rocky does not come.]

Gumball: I'm assuming I have to run.

[Gumball starts running to school]

[Cuts to when Gumball reaches school.]

Gumball: [Panting; Tired] Ugh.. Finally.

[Gumball enters Elmore Junior High]

Gumball: Huh? Seems as if sounds are coming from Miss Simian's class. [Walks to Miss Simian's class]

Gumball: [Looks through the window, All students are already there] People are already here?!

[Gumball enters class]

Miss Simian: Ah Gumball, About time since you came.

Gumball: How come everybody are already here?

Miss Simian: The posters in school said that you must come one hour early for February 14, Valentine's Day.

Gumball: But I was gonna celebrate a Bro Day!

Students (except Darwin): Not another Bro Day.

[Scene cuts to the field, Closeup on Gumball sitting]

Gumball: I think I'll spend some bro time, Hey Darwin!

[Preview ends]

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