"The Ocean" is an episode where Gumball And Darwin Wake Up In te Ocean. It Comes Before "The Run".


(G and D are In bathtub)

Gumball: Isn't this Oceanistic?

Darwin: Yeah, It sure Is.

(Anais comes in)

Anais: Oceanistic is not a word.

gumball: If Realistic And Ocean Are Both Accurate Words, Oceanistic Is An Accurate Word With Them.

(Anais Slaps her face and leaves the bathroom)

Anais (Voice): Have Fun!

Gumball: (Snoring)

Darwin: (Snoring With Him)

(G and D's imaginations open)

Orange Fish: hello Brother (Grabs Darwin)

darwin: I Think There Is A Misunderstanding.

Orange Fish: Let's Just Pretend I Never Said That.

(Anglerfish comes in)

Gumball And Darwin: AAAAAAHHHHH!

Orange Fish: Don't Be Scared, that's My Friend, Ace.

Darwin: If his Name Is Ace, What Is Yours?

Orange: Just Call Me Orange.

(Orange And Darwin Shake Hands)

Ace: Lights On!

gumball: I'll Go Blind In No Time, Turn that Thing Off.

Ace: Kay, Sorry.

(Goes Back to Bathtub And Immediately Resumes To Ocean With G And D Waking Up)

Gumball: What An Oceanistic.... Dream?

Gumball: (Shocked) WHERE ARE ACE AND ORANGE????!!!!!

Llabmug: In A Backtub belonging to the nosrettaw family? me and Niwrad Trapped You In Our Home!

(Goes To The Wattersons House)

Nicole: Boys? Boys? Where Are You It's Been Days!

richard: Have They Been Eating My Sausages?

Anais: Um, No, They've Been In The Bathtub All This Time.

(Richard, Nicole, And Anais Go Upstairs To The Bathroom)


Nicole: Not Really, They Seem To Be Weird Clones.

Llabmug and Niwrad: Yeah!

Anais: Is there A Siana?

Llabmug And Niwrad: Yes.

Nicole: Is There A Elocin?

Llabmug and Niwrad: Yes.

Richard: Is There A Drahcir? 

Llabmug And Niwrad: Yes.

Anais: (Confused) Where Are You From?

Llabmug: Eromle.

Nicole: And What Is Your Last Name?

Llabmug: Nosrettaw.

Richard: And What Do You Call Your Grandmother?

Llabmug: Ojoj Ynnarg.

Anais: Alternate Universe. Wow.

(Gumball And Darwin Emerge Out Of The Bathtub)

Gumball: You Supervillains! I'm Calling The Cops.

(Gumball Goes Downstairs With Darwin And Picks Up The Phone)

gumball: Police! I Need Your Help! Evil Alternates Of My Family Are In My Bathtub!

Doughnut Cop: And What Do They look Like?

Gumball: Me And Darwin Just Black.

Doughnut Cop: I'll Be Right There!

(Doughnut Cop Arrives)

Doughnut Cop: Freeze!

Llabmug: Why? You Put Yourself in The Fridge!

Niwrad: Losers.

(Llabmug and Niwrad Appear In Prison)

Llabmug: I Shouldn't Have Insulted The Cops.

Niwrad. What He Said.












Siana (mentioned)

Elocin (mentioned)

Drahcir (mentioned)

Granny Jojo (Mentioned)

Ojoj Ynnarg (mentioned)

Doughnut Cop

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