"The Museum" is the 43rd episode of season 5 of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the 257th episode overall.

The episode is a one hour special

"The Museum"
Season: 5
Broadcast number: GB567
Airing Information
U.S. air date: February 29th, 2020
Songs Featured
Just Become Me

Episode Chronology
"The Fatty"


The Wattersons decide to spend their vacation in Croatia and everything seems fine until a crazy museum owner notices Darwin's special look.


The episode starts with Nicole surfing the Internet looking for a place to spend the vacation on. After a long search she finds a perfect country: Croatia. The Wattersons set off to Croatia singing all the way. When they finally arrive, they meet a boy named John who helps them to move in. Gumball, Darwin and John become good friends. The next scene shows Divella, a museum owner who wishes that her museum has more special species of animals. Then she notices Darwin. He is a fish with legs and lungs who can talk! That's just what her museum needs. She gives him a ticket to visit her museum, but when Darwin comes she actually cathes him and tries to make him a part of her Museum of special creatures. Luckily for Darwin, Gumball and John see what Divella is doing and save Darwin. When they get back to their hotel, they start planning how to help Darwin and get rid of the crazy woman. They decide to lock him in a room with no access so noone could see him. 

After a while come ChiChi and Ribbit who are hungry for revenge. Gumball tries to fight them but just at that moment Divella arrives angrier than ever. Gumball then starts punching her with ChiChi doing the same since he is a copycat. Beaten up, Divella leaves. Seeing how useful ChiChi and Ribbit could be, Gumball makes a new plan. He paints ChiChi and Ribbit to look exactly like Gumball and Darwin while singing a song.

The next time Divella arrives she gets confused when she sees two Gumballs and two Darwins. They trick her into falling in a giant hole while she is shouting: "This is not over!"

ChiChi and Ribbit can get their revenge now but after seeing how fun it was being friends with Gumball and Darwin they decide to become Gumball and Darwin's friends forever.


Major characters

Supporting characters

Minor characters

  • John's mother
  • Mr. Saytan
  • Hotel owner
  • some random people

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