Main Characters:

* Gumball;

* Darwin;

* Penny.

Supporting Characters:

* Rocky;

* Masami;

* Medics

*Other Character made yourself.

-The first scene start at School yard and there sit on ladders Gumball and Darwin each other face to face-

Gumball-Darwin,you wanna get a girlfriend?

Darwin-What are you talking about!?

Gumball-About girlfriend.


Gumball-Then listen carefully.


Gumball-The first thing how you can get a girlfriend is make something common.Like when you too laughing about something or very often come to each other.

Darwin-You mean talk with her all the time.


Gumball-And if you want to make it fast give her presents or flowers.

Darwin-But i am shy.

Gumball-Don't be silly,all be fine.

Darwin-I guess so.

-Then Gumball and Darwin walked through the corridor and Darwin try to talk with Masami because they were good friends-

Darwin-Hello,Masami!May be you want to talk with me and make some fun.

Masami-Sorry,Darwin i need to go home i am tired.

Darwin-Ou,then bye!


Gumball-Dude why you let her go you suppose to talk more.

Darwin-Please don't learn me how to get the girlfriends, i can do it my own and if you are very clever why did you don't have Penny near you.

Gumball-Because i will meet her and if you don't want to get my help do it yourself.

Darwin-Okay i'll get a girlfriend you will see it.

Gumball-Okay,okay good luck!

-Then came Penny and greet Gumball-


Gumball-Hi Penny!

Penny-Why did you don't go to lesson?

Gumball-Because i had finished test and what you doing here!?

Penny-I had finished my test too.

Gumball-Then why you ask me why i don't go to lesson?

Penny-Well,i think you wasn't in class.

Gumball-I was.


Gumball-Where are you going?

Penny-I'll go to eat something.You coming too?

Gumball-Of course,Penny!

-And they go to dining-hall to eat something-

-Darwin continue to sit on ladders and gets jealous-

-Gumball and Penny staying at the counter and Gumball said to Rocky-

Gumball-Give us two potatoes portion with sauce.

Penny-And two orange juices.


-Gumball and Penny go to sit somewhere-

Gumball-So Penny,what you think about us in future.

Penny-Well,i think,i would be prepared to live with you.

Gumball-Ou that would be nice.

-And they laughing about each other-

-Meanwhile Darwin try to get girlfriends all time and then he give up-

-He went to homes because lessons was over,but Gumball keep talking with Penny-

-10 minutes later-

Penny-Okay,Gumball,i will go to home.

Gumball-May be i can come too!?

Penny-I don't know i fell little bit sick.

Gumball-Probably the potatoes is poisoned.

Penny-No not that i just .....

-Then Penny fall down-

-Gumball mometally turn to Rocky side and said-

Gumball-What did you add to these potatoes!!!

Rocky-Nothing may be potatoes are corrupt.

-Then Gumball call medics to take her to hospital-

Gumball-Hang on all be fine,medics are on the way.

Penny-(cough)I am fine!

-Then come medics and take her to hospital-

-Gumball drove with her to care about her-

-After 2 hours Penny woke up on the bed and said-

Penny-Where am i Gumball?

Gumball-You are in hospital because that potatoes what we eat was poisoned.

Penny-Then why did these potatoes didn't work for you?

Gumball-May be you had allergy from them.

Penny-But i eat them all the time.

Gumball-Hmm...May be the problem is in the sauce.Yup may be sauce definitely is the faulty.

You eat that and you feel bad or it was juice....

Penny-Shhh.. don't talk about anymore.Just sit with me and care about me.

Gumball-Okay,i remember when you care about me when i was bitten by your spider.

Penny-Ou yeah,i remember it.

Gumball-I love you.

Penny-I love you too.

-They kiss each other and keep talking-END END END END END

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