Listen to Whisper in the Night by ELO while reading this.Put it on another tab,on Youtube.It sets the mood.You're not forced to,but it's reccomended.Rated A+10"Anyone +10"

Again,a darker mood,whatever.Read Chapter 1 first please.NO EDITING,K?

Chapter 2,Part 1

Gumball's mood was mixed.Who was this girl,Elene?Was she at all a good person?Is she still at her home?Gumball couldn't ask too much.He had to focus on the road,making sure that he didn't crash.The road,so dark and yet,so clean through the years.It's surprising how much it's withstood.The power in the asphalt allowed it to stand against the elements.Rain,snow,plenty of dangers.Gumball looked out the window.The lake as beautiful as ever.The lake was the most beautiful landmark,more than the tree.The lake was were Gumball's first kiss was.(Other than Granny Joe-Joe.)He could still remember the day.The sun was setting,and the moment was perfect.Good times,when Darwin was still alive.He could just remember his cute smile.Anais was devistated,but it lasted for a short time.She was the first one to live terms with it.Gumball still can't believe it.The fact his best friend,no,his brother,passed away early on.He just always cries thinking about it.He stopped thinking about it,putting the focus on the lake.Gumball kept driving,keeping his eyes on the road.

As he arrived to a small town,his first stop,Lipiture,he drove into the city.The city of Lipiture,although small,was a huge tourist area.It was beautiful,with a tower litterally named,The Tower of Hope.The lake in the center helped immensly with the beauty of the city.Several houses dot the area,but in such a way that it shows beauty in the area.The mountains to the far distance from Greater Bereno are seen,all the way past the greatest of rivers,Petelia River.It goes past the greatest of beauty,showing off it's extravigence.The beautiful scene helped Gumball in a spiritual way,almost clensing his soul.Gumball was speechless at the beauty.The look and expression was of utter shock because of the beauty of the city."It's beautiful,isn't it?"said one of the locals."Yes,it is."Gumball replied.He kept driving,not forgetting about the journey.

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