"The Leveret" is the 666th episode of the 616th season of tAmazing World of Gumball. It is the 616th episode overall.


Darwin has a bad day apparently


Darwin was having a good day. He got to the bus on time, got to school on time, got to class on time, and even got to have an existential crisis on time. That is, however, until Miss Simian gave the class books on cheese graters.

Idaho immediately exploded of surprise, but no one cared because he's a stupid potoooooooo.

Darwin immediately opened the book aftr eating France dressing, and then he saw it. THE PAGE.

"Carrots are well-known to turn brown when monkeys, oh and btw baby hares are called leverets."

"Leverets", Darwin thought crime-fightingly. "That's EXACTLY what she is. A stupid, crime NOT-fighting, LEVERET!"

He wasn't talking about the mother of Gumball, nor Nicole, or even the member of the family he refers to as 'Mrs. Mom'. He, of course, spoke of HER.


He was sure she had another name, but he had forgotten it in the midst of Mary the Mule or Tacky the Takhi or whatever the poor-excuse-of-a-hyphen was obsessing over. Darwin, being the Darwinian Darwinist that he was, decided once and for all the little brat had to be STOPPED. He rose up from his seat, and raised his hand.

"Yes, dorwn?", Miss Simian asked the orange lumpsucker.

"Can I get a pass to kill my sister?" Darwin asked, ignoring what Ms. Simian had called him.

The gelada sighed. "The Sororicide passes are over there, go knock yoursef out", she told the shoed Geotrian. Darwin thanked her, took the Sororicide pass, and walked ou.

Darwin walked in an extremely Cool and Slow [TM] fashion; whenever someone tried interacting with him, he'd just blow up that section of the school to 'rid' of them. Sure, he killed Gumball on the way because of it, but who cares about him.

With his speed, Darwin finally made it to Amiibo's class only 35468173642997638292877383856484894737487472766877588382726654363339837346475858372626556788888888274626171626366467584927163547483919822222222222222222222 seconds later, the little (-168) year old babbling out industrial and scientific arbitrage to Miss Simian, who was in both classes at the same time because screw logic. Darwin slowly crept up to the little pink piece of garbage, and held her by the neck.

"Darfield! What are you doing, you fat freaking cat?!", Assistance asked her pointless brother. She was shushed by the stout amphioxus who was, at this point, more leg than fish. This did not turn anyone on at all, although a lightswitch was turned on in Alaska, if that counts.


Amidstir heard this, and started a cry noise, insulted. "Y-you stupid cat! WHY DO YOU KEEP EATING US OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME?!", she screeched. But it was far too late. Darwin lifted up his Sororicide pass, and stabbed her to death with it. And what were Miss Simian and Ablooloo's classmates doing, meanwhile? Not giving a hoodle doodle.

At night, when Darwin returned from scohhl, he saw his father lying dead on the floor. Darwin knew he would have lazied himself to death one day, but oh well. 

Nikkole Minajjerson, meanwhile, was pouring herself a good ol' cup of joe. Banana Joe. that is. That's right, she was eating banana joe.

and he was delicious


oh and p.s. she eventually asked where gumball and aimless were, but immediately lost interest.


  • th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!

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