The Killer (Part 1) is one of the not-allowed for 7 years old episode of The Amazing World Gumball.



Darwin searched in Gumball's computer, Elmore Plus. Gumball smacks the door and runs up to Darwin and push Darwin vack to the chair then Gumball said that he outta' act, weird....., Then Darwin's said that there is going to be a killer on the Watterson's House. So they invite Anais, Nicole, Zack and Tobias. When they reached the door. They saw a head looks like Gumball's head. Evertone except The Killer screamed so hard then run then drive the Watterson's Car. Gumball pushed out through the door. Gumball said that he'll sacrifice for his friends and family, even his enemies. The Killer shot Gumball's body. Everyone except Gumball and the Killer screamed "GUMBALL!!!". Then they saw Penny firing at The Killer than ran to Gumball and said "Gumball!!, please don't passed out! Penny cried. Gumball said to Penny "I'm sorry Penny...., but i need to sacrifice myself so that everyone's safe. Gumball coughed and coughed. Then Gumball said to Penny "But always remember and don't forget this.. Gumball whispered to Penny "I love you...." After Gumball said this, he died. The Killer died too. Then the episode ends....


Darwin: It..., It..., (slaps his head) IT CAN'T BE! (Gumball punched the door then ran to Darwin then pushed Darwin rudely into the chair) Gumball: I outta' act weird....... Darwin: Gumball!, Didn't you even know?!, Tonight in our house there is going to be a killer! Gumball: Alright then! Lets invite Mom and Tobias!

Darwin: Be careful..... Tobias: (whispers to Gumball) Is this some kind of Prank? Gumball: (whispers to Tobias) No.... Everyone: (sees a head look like Gumball and twisted then screamed) AHHHH! (runs into the car) Gumball: (pushes the door) Don't worry guys! I'll sacrifice myself! Zack: Dude, THAT IS SICK! The Killer: (shots Gumball's body) Everyone in the car: GUMBALL!!! Penny: (shoots the killer then ran to Gumball) Gumball!!!, please don't passed out! (cries) Gumball: I'm sorry Penny...., but i need to sacrifice myself so that everyone's safe (coughed and coughed) But always remeber and don't forget this.. (whispers to Penny) I love you.... (died)

       To Be Continued.....