This is the second episode of CoreyCakeMan's series.                  

"The Impression"
Season: 1
Airing Information
Written by: Alpha Ranger
Episode Chronology
""The Boredom""
""The Trip""


Gumball tries to impress Penny but he needs help so he joins the Football team.


Major Characters

  • Gumball
  • Penny
  • Clayton
  • Rocky

Minor Characters

  • Darwin
  • Nicole


(Alarm clock goes off)

Darwin and Anais: (run for breakfast)

(At Dinner Table)

Darwin: Fish Flakes!

Anais: Where is Gumball?

Darwin: He is in bed he does not want to get up and he is angry about something.

Darwin: (Tries to get Gumball up)

Nicole: *walks by* Gumball get up!

Gumball: I am so angry!

Nicole: Why?

Gumball: I want to impress Penny but I don't know how I am going to do it.

Nicole: Well the bus is here.

(On the bus)

Gumball: How am I going to impress Penny?

Darwin: ...

Gumball: Exactly.

Clayton: You want to impress Penny?

Gumball: Yeah.

Clayton: How about you........................... yeah I got nothing.

Darwin: Join the sports team?

Gumball: Football team!

(At lunch)

Gumball: I am going to join the football team tomorrow!

Clayton: Your going to try out?

Gumball: Phh. Yeah.

Clayton: Well Good Luck!

Carrie: *walks in the backround*

Banana Joe: *walks in background*

Carmen: *walks in backround*

Molly: *walks in backround*

Mr Small: *walks in backround*

Gumball: I think I need Rocky he knows how to impress girls because I need to get ready for tomorrow. (Runs to Rocky)

Rocky: Sup' Little Dude!

Gumball: Rocky I need your help I need to impress Penny but I do not know how.

Rocky: You need a good smile, athletics, and muscle.

Gumball: Good smile no, athletics no, muscle no. I only got till tomorrow can I train until then?

Rocky: You would have to be up all night.

Gumball: Let's go to the store and get the supplies.

Clayton: I am coming!

Rocky: Why?

Clayton: I want to help and also I am supporting Gumball.

Gumball: Mouthwash listerine will do the trick.

Clayton: Stop living in the past get Super ultra totally works the same as any mouthwash but is more expenive whitener 2000.

Rocky: There is something weird about that name but what is it...

Gumball: A treadmill weight lifting equipment and that that that that that that and also that.

Larry: That would be 2754 dollars.

Rocky: I will pay!

(At the house)

Nicole: Who paid for all this!!!

Gumball: *out of air* Rocky.

Nicole: Him just how just what?

Gumball: Yeah I know.

Nicole: This is all a nightmare Nicole *goes upstairs*

Darwin: Dude it is 5:00 AM!

Gumball: I am training for the football team!

(5:32 AM)

Gumball: *passes out*

Darwin: Wait why am I up? *falls asleep*


Darwin: Dude stop freaking out.

Gumball: Easy for you to say why do you never freak out?

Darwin: Well *gasp*

Gumball: Don't sing.

Darwin: *looks down*

Anais: If you were up all night excersising you would not be ready you need 22.54 hours before you gain even a little muscle at least for cats.

Gumball: How do you know?

Anais: This is the second episode you should know I am a genius by now.

Gumball: A what?

Anais: *facepalm*

Richard: This training stuff is in way of the TV!

(At school)

Coach: Time for try outs!

Gumball: Why NO IM NOT READY!

Coach: *picks up Gumball*

Gumball: Uh, fine.

Coach: *puts Gumball down*

Darwin: *in the crowd* Good Luck! *smiles*

  • montage*

Gumball: *fails to pass* *throws a few feet* *fails fails fails fails*

Coach: I will tell you who won tomorrow.

Gumball: Tomorrow I NEED TO KNOW NOW...

Darwin: Tomorrow is not that far.

Gumball: FIne then.

(tomorrow at lunch)

Darwin: *walks away slowly* *gags*

Gumball: What?

Darwin: You smell so bad. No offense.

Gumball: I think I exercised and forgot to take a shower.

Coach: We got the winners!

Tobias shocking I know



that is it people who failed


Gumball: UH UH UH UH UH H<MHMONDPGh;klamphgd,.

Darwin: Dude it is okay.

Penny: *walk into the lunchroom*

Gumball: Ok Penny, I guess you think I am a total loser because I have no muscle and I am not athletic.

Penny: Uh, no...

Gumball: Oh than ok.

Penny: You dont have to change who you are to impress me.

Gumball: *mutters* 107.

Penny: What?

Gumball: Nothing that was for the fans to figure out.

Penny: Ok well see ya.

Gumball: Ok.

Penny: *walks away* He could be a little more buff.

Gumball: I heard that!

(episode ends)

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