Gumball get help from a Love Expert when he has trouble asking Penny to a prom.











Carrie (Mentioned)

Tobias (Mentioned)


Patrick (Penny`s Father)

DDW `s Friends


Gumball: Darwin?

Darwin: Yes

Gumball: Can I ask you a question?

Darwin: You just did...

Gumball: Don`t be a ``Smarty Peep!``

Darwin: What?

Gumball: There`s a school prom...

Darwin: And...

Gumball: I need a...

Darwin: A... A what?

Gumball: A daaaaaaay...

Darwin: A date?

Gumball: Yup... Ding Ding Ding!

Darwin: Ask Penny!

Gumball: What!? NO?! I... I... I...

Darwin: DO IT!

Gumball: Ok! But I need... help...


DarkDarkWither: Did somebody say HELP?

Gumball: Uhh... Yeah... I did...

DarkDarkWither: Hey... I know you...

Gumball: You do?

DarkDarkWither: Yeah... Your Gumball!

Darwin: What?! Wait?! Who am I?!

DarkDarkWither: Your Darwin!

Darwin: STALKER!

DarkDarkWither: You have a TV show!

Gumball: We do?

DarkDarkWither: Yeah! It`s called The Amazing World of Gumball!

Gumball: Did you... You...

DarkDarkWither: Just break the fourth wall? Yep!

Gumball: NO! I don`t even know what a fourth wall is! [Deep Breath] Did you say help?

DarkDarkWither: Yeah! You wanna travel to a strange place that`s all white? Cause that`s where I can help you!

Gumball: Take me...

~Alternate Dimension~

DarkDarkWither: The first thing I need you to do is take this ring!

Gumball: [Takes The Ring] Ok, so what do I do with it know?

DarkDarkWither: Give it to a girl!

Gumball: OK!

Darwin: Hey! Why can`t I have a ring!

DarkDarkWither: OK... Here...

Darwin: I`ll give it to Carrie..!

Gumball: Dude..! She`s already going with Tobias!

Darwin: Aww... :(

Gumball: So, Dark... Dark... Dark uh... Weather!

DarkDarkWither: It`s wither...

Darwin: Oh... That`s embarrassing!

Gumball: What`s the next step?

DarkDarkWither: You gotta look nice!

Gumball: I`m already nice! See! (Does an Awkward Smile)

DarkdarkWither: Yeah... No I mean you gotta dress nice!

Gumball and Darwin: Ooooooohhhh...

DarkDarkWither: Friends!! (Claps x2)

Friends: Yes...

DarkDarkWither: Make this kid look fancy!


Gumball: WOW! Darwin, How do I look?

Darwin: You look like you`re ready to get married

Gumball: Oh really??

DarkDarkWither: This is the FINAL step and the MOST IMPORTANT step!

Gumball: What is it?! What is it?!

DarkDarkWither: You go in for...

Gumball: (Cuts off DDW) A kiss, I know, BYE!

Darwin: They grow up so fast!

DarkDarkWither: Umm, Are you supposed to be leaving?...

Darwin: Oh yeah... (Runs Off)

~Gumball and Darwin`s Room~

Anais: You are not ready!

Gumball: Yes I am!

Darwin: He got help from DarkDarkWither!

Anais: Oh no! NO NO NO! That kid`s evil! He helped out Richard!

Gumball and Darwin: So...

Richard: (Walking In) He made me look bad in front of your mother!

Gumball: But.. But..

Anais: NO BUTS!

Darwin: Ok! Anais... We have a surprise for you...

Anais: Let me guess... You`re both gonna sneak out the window?

End of Part 1


This is the first episode where DarkdarkWither (A Youtuber) appears.


This episode was based off a scrapped episode called ``The Kitten``

It`s also rumored that this episode is based off of a lost episode called ``The Sadness``


When Gumball is transported to the Alternate Dimension he disappears for a frame.


Gumball clip 068 02 640x360

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