"The Guilt," is an upcoming season 5 episode of the The Amazing World of Gumball.

"The Guilt"
Season: 5
Broadcast number: 164
Production code: GB58
Running time: 5:30-5:10
Airing Information
U.S. air date: March 23, 2014
U.K. air date: July 6, 2015
International premieres: February 4, 2016
Written by: DearlyDalmation24
Storyboarded by: DearlyDalmation24

Tabitha St. Germain

Comic Book Artist: Ben Bocquelet
Episode Chronology
""The Homework,""
"'The Signal,""
It is the 164th episode overall.


Gumball feels guilty when he offends Darwin on accident, while Darwin feels guilty for yelling at Gumball.


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The episode begins with Gumball going up to Darwin when he is at the mall trying on shoes. Gumball asks why Darwin is only putting on velcro ones, and Darwin replies that it is because he cant tie his shoes on his own. Just as Darwin asks Gumball to help him chose shoes and tie some for him, Penny walks by and Gumball forgets about Darwin and starts to walk away. Darwin yells at him for it and gumball feels guilty and runs away shedding a few tears. Darwin then starts to walk away sadly, feeling remorse for yelling at Gumball.

Gumball and Darwin sit at the dinner table and look around awkwardly at their family. Nicole asks what was wrong, and Richard asks Darwin the same. Gumball follows Nicole into hr bedroom and refuses to tell. When Nicole finally gets Gumball to crack he sobs, feeling bad for offending Darwin. Darwin has a very similiar response to Richard, and they both suggest to apologize to each other.

The next day at school Gumball sits on the opposing end of the bus as Darwin. He is sitting next to Jamie, who gives him advice about what to do with the situation: beat up darwin. Jamie promises this will work as she heads to lunch to eat some on Anton with a sandwich. Darwin decides to see Mr.Small who gives him puzzling advice. Mr. Small tells him to "channel his sadness," so Darwin carries around a pillow that says, "Love,' every few seconds. Darwin grows annoyed of this pillow and throws at down the hall abnd it hits Gumball. Darwin tries to apologize to Gumball but Gumball cries and runs away. Later, Darwin finally apologizes to Gumball and vice versa and they hug. Sddenly they notice that the school is in fire. Darwin can escape easily but he notices Gumball is on the floor, coughing and sobbing dry tears, about to pass ou. He tugs Gumball out of the building and gumball comes to in the hospital.

Gumball thanks Darwin for saving him and Nicole is proud of Darwin. Gumball wonders as to who set the school on fire and so does everyone else, but suddenly the door opens and reveals Ms. Simian in handcuffs with the police for accidentally setting the school on fire. She tries to attack Gumball and destroys the room, but the doctor gives Nicole the check for Ms.Simian and Nicole gives the check to her, and Ms. Simian stares, shocked. Just before the episode ends Nicole whispers "who's the loser now, loser!?" in Ms.Simian's ear.