"The Glitches"
The Glitches Titlecard
Season: 5
Broadcast number: 438
Production code: GB509
Running time: 11 Minutes
Airing Information
U.S. air date: TV: March 4, 2017

VOD: February 23, 2017

U.K. air date: March 9, 2017
International premieres: TBA
Written by: Ben Bocquelet
Joe Parham
Tobi Wilson
Nathan Auerbach
Daniel Berg
Joe Markham
Jess Ransom
John Sheerman
Episode Director:
Antoine Perez
Storyboarded by: Aurelie Charbonnier
Songs Featured

Episode Chronology
""The TimeWatch""
""The Sounds""

"The Glitches" is the eight episode in Season 5 and the sequel to "The Timewatch".


Gumball has to fix the corrupt time console; Then the real world Darwin comes and helps him.


Main Characters


Darwin (from current timeline/time)

Supporting Characters

Past Gumball

Minor Characters




Time console characters

Everybody from past episodes/From other past instances


[Gumball is seen again in the glitched space continuum]


[A Zap happens, And Darwin is there]

Gumball: Darwin? What are you doing here!?? Are you real?!!??!!?

Darwin: Yeah I am! I got here because I found a button saying "Past" and I was stretching! Now I came here.

Gumball: I guess you pushed the button when I was teleporting! So It glitched!

Darwin: Well, get us out of here!

Gumball: I can't! I don't have the timewatch!!

Darwin: Then what do we do!?

Gumball: I don't know!

[Gumball and Darwin zap to the time they prank Richard]

Gumball and Darwin: The time we pranked Dad!

Gumball: Wait what?! Why am I holding Mayonnaise? I clearly remember holding ketchup!

Darwin: And why am I purple? Mr. Dad is also not wearing a tie!

Gumball: Oh my go-- [Everything glitches out and a black screen resets all]

[It seemingly starts off again with "The Timewatch"]

[Gumball is walking down the streets, till he realizes]

Gumball: Wait, What? I've definitely done this!

Gumball: Huh!? [Everything glitches back]

Gumball: Darwin! What do we do?

Darwin: I don't know! We need help!

Gumball: But we're in the space console! Nobody's here!

Darwin: I'll just call the space time console police!

Gumball: [Apathetically] Wait. There's one of those?...

Darwin: Yeah of course! Didn't you read the "Over 4000 facts of the space continuum" book in the library?

Gumball: I never even read the science section!

Darwin: Well maybe if you were more smart at timelines, We wouldn't be in this mess!

Gumball: Ughh whatever! Just call the space police!

Darwin: The space time console police.


[Darwin looks through his pocket]

Darwin: [Nervously] Gumball.... I think I left my phone at the house.

Gumball: I shouldn't have trusted the timewatch! Why do I always have to go on these "adventures"?!

Darwin: I don't really know!

Gumball: Now how do we get out of this mess. AKA a never ending fall!

Darwin: Maybe we can corrupt this thing more, And then we'll end up in some more timelines, And then we can fix them!

Gumball: Where'd you even get this info from.

Darwin: The ove-- [Interrupted by Gumball]

Gumball: No, No. Lemme guess, The over 4000 facts of space console thing book.

Darwin: Yep!

[Gumball and Darwin start kicking and punching everywhere.]

[The console is glitching out everywhere.]

Darwin: It's working! Do more!

Gumball: How about I just bite it!

[Gumball bites everywhere]

Darwin: Yes! We are gonna go to another past instance in our li--

[Gumball and Darwin end up in the time Gumball is going to get the timewatch]

Gumball: YES! Finally to fix it!

Past Gumball: Ugh, There's nothing to do on a Saturday morning.

Gumball: HEY PA-- [Mouth shut by Darwin]

Darwin: No don't! It's never a good choice to talk to the past version of you!

Gumball: NO! Just let me do this! [Pushes Darwin]

Darwin: Oof!

Gumball: [Runs to Past Gumball and stops for a second] Also sorry about that! [Runs to Past Gumball]

Past Gumball: [Looks down]

Gumball: Past me! Don't!

Past Gumball: Huh? Who are YOU!?

Gumball: I'm you from the future! Don't get the timewatch!

Past Gumball: And why should I not pick up the timewatch?

Gumball: Because everything will go crazy if you do it!

Past Gumball: Alright, Alright! I won't take it.

Gumball: Thank god.

Gumball: [Screams to past self] NOW I'M DOING THIS SO YOU DON'T PICK IT UP!

[Gumball throws away the timewatch]

Gumball: Alright, I'm gonna go now.

Past Gumball: Ummmm.... Okay?

Gumball: [Goes back to Darwin] Also go back to the Watterson house!

Past Gumball: Okay.

[Gumball wakes up Darwin]

Gumball: Darwin, Darwin!

Darwin: [Wakes up] Huh? Gumball?

Gumball: Hurry! To the circle portal thing! [Points to a portal] Or we won't be able to get home!

Darwin: Alright!

[Slow motion; Gumball and Darwin quickly run to the portal which is becoming smaller and smaller every second]

[Quickly, Gumball and Darwin get into the portal (no more slow motion now)]

[Gumball and Darwin glitch to the Watterson house as the confused Anais, Nicole and Richard look at them]

[Closeup on Gumball]

Gumball: We're back!

[Closeup on Darwin]

Darwin: I know! That was awesome!

[Gumball and Darwin laugh]

[The episode along with the 2 parter ends]



  • This episode was meant to be a movie, but was scrapped and is now an episode due to low budget.
  • This episode's titlecard is the same as "The Timewatch", But more corrupted.
  • Ben said on twitter that the original plot for this episode featured only Gumball, But then they started over and had Darwin in the episode.
  • This episode and "The Timewatch" were released on Cartoon Network's VOD Service and the app on February 23, 2017; It was also the day The Specie PT 2 premiered in the US.


  • This episode is a sequel to "The TimeWatch".

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