"The Funeral"
Season: 3
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"Gender Swapp'd!"
"The Fathers"

Darwin gets ran over by a car and dies and Gumball buys a new Fish (Don't Worry, Darwin will come back)


[The Scene starts at the road]

Gumball: I love baseball!

Darwin: Me too!


[Darwin gets hit by a car]

Gumball: Noooooo!!!!!!

[Nicole,Richard and Anais comes with a shocked face]

Nicole: Oh no!

[ An ambulance comes and Darwin gets in the ambulance]

Doctor: Mr. Watterson! How could this happen?

Richard: He got hit by a car.

[The Scene cuts at The Hospital]

[Gumball,Anais,Richard and Nicole comes with a sad face and crying eyes]

Darwin: Gumball... Those times we ever did...

[Scene cuts with a Flashback with Gumball and Darwin having fun]

Gumball: *Sniffs* Yeah?

Darwin: I got this as Memory... [Gives Dice of Dodge or Dare]

Darwin: Good... Bye... [Eyes closes because Darwin died and the Physio Control rings loudly]

Richard: *Crying* Its all over! He died!

[Gumball,Anais,Richard and Nicole crying]

[Scene at Church]

Book Priest: Today is a Funeral of Darwin Watterson...

Book Priest: He died because of getting ran over by a car... We're telling the opinions of the people

Gumball: He was my brother and my best friend! We did happy things!

Carrie: I loved him so much! I wish he gets alive!

Sarah: I always wanted to be friends with him and Gumball! Now i miss him.

[Camera cuts at The Wattersons expect Darwin]

Nicole: Well! We can buy a new fish!

[At The Pet Store]

Gumball: Which fish talks?

Unknown Fish: Hey! Over here!

Nicole: Who,me?

Unknown Fish: Yeah! I heard your previous fish was dead and i need an name and a boss!

Gumball: How about Aaron?

Nicole: What a good name Gumball!

Aaron: Ok let's pay for me and go home!

[Carrie shows up]

Gumball: Hey Carrie! Darwin is now an ghost too so don't worry!

Carrie: Yes! [Flies away]

Aaron: Who in hecksname was that?!

Gumball: That was Darwin's Girlfriend! Are u in love with her?

Aaron: No! She is taken!

[At The Wattersons House]

Aaron: I don't know anything about games!

Gumball: Game is an hobby where you can play with it.

Aaron: Alright!

Gumball: [Throws controller to floor] This was nice with Darwin! *Cries to his room*

[Richard shows up with Nicole]

Aaron: Hi Nicole, Hi David.

Nicole: His name is Richard.


Nicole: Let's forget about it.

Aaron: I'm gonna talk with Gumball. [Walks to Gumballs room]

Gumball: *Cries* Life was better with Darwin!

Aaron: Gumball, There are another friends? Me!

Gumball: *Sniff* Yeah!

Aaron: Gumball! Darwin drifts back, He drifts back...

Gumball: Thank you Aaron!

[Gumball and Aaron hug]


  • This episode was gotten from while Brian from Family Guy died.

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