Penny:Gumball, I can't believe we joined the mystery club!

Gumball:Want to swing by my place? Maybe a mystery's waiting their!

Penny:Let's go!

at the Watterson's house

Mandy, Zack, Darwin, and Richard:Come on! Score already!

Nicole:Be quiet! Anais and I are playing Kensington!

Mr. Robinson:*opens door*Margaret and I are in a sledding tournament with the REAL Zack. Can you please be quiet!

Margaret and the REAL Zack:Yea!

Richard:This is Football! It's a loud sport!

Zorak:Well, I can here you from Quadrant 3.14 Omega 5!

Zam: Please don't fight! Juke, Moby, Molly, and I are here to make peace!

Reaper, Janken, Mr. D, and Neo Metal Gumball:Shove that down the toilet! Who's the best Terrorist is on!



Gumball:Does anyone have a mystery Penny and I can solve.

  • a Missing flyer blows in*

Gumball and Penny:This is it! We'll find Greivious!

Richard, Mr. Robinson, and the REAL Zack:STARFISH!

  • 3 starfish rain down and pin down the 3 who said it's name*



  • All of a sudden a black hole appeared*

Mandy, Zack, Darwin, Nicole, Anais, Margaret, Zorak, Zam, Juke, Moby, Molly, Reaper, Mr. D, Gumball, and Penny:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Janken and Neo Metal Gumball:Babiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss

As everyone except for those pinned down flew into the black hole, a cackling could be heard in the distance.

Gumball:Uhhh. Where are we?

Janken:How em I supposed to know?

Penny:It's so dark!

Mr. D:BLACK Hole! What did ya expect?

Mandy:Now's not the time to argue.

Anais and Zorak:It's a perfect time to argue!

Darwin:Wait, I see a light ahead!

Zack:C'mon let's go!

Nicole I'm starting to see again!

Reaper:why are we on a boat?

????:welcome Challengers!


????:You've all been picked to go on my Master race to victory!

Zack:What's the prize?



????:You shall be split in to 4 teams!

Mandy: But there's 17 of us!



Janken:Reaper, we never went to Tiujuana!

????:Another prize for 1st place, the one designated Reaper!

????: Team 1, Zack, Gumball, Penny, and Mandy.

Zack:Team Double date!


????:Team 2, Anais, Zorak, Darwin, and Nicole

Nicole:Team Smart and Darwin!

????:Team 3, Zam, Mr. D, Neo Metal Gumball, and janken

Team 3 except Zam:Team Explosive!

Molly:That means, Team 4 is Moby, Juke, Margaret and I!Team 3M1J!

????: Now these are you're vehicles through out the race.

1.Canoe, Hot air Balloon, Cheetah

2.Pirate Ship, 1 pair of wings, Tiger

3.Cruise Ship, Plane, Lion

4.Pontoon, Helicopter, Turtle

For now rest in this hous boat. Until Morning.

Zack:Wait, who are you

Girhambacon:Call me Girhambacon

to be continued