Jack: Hi, my name is Jackson Green Pod, but you can call me Jack! This here is Elmore, an amazing world full of surprises! Meet my parents!

Bean: Hi I'm Bean. This is my wife, Liv Pod.

Liv: Hi!

Jack: (goes up to camera) Now let's see Elmore Junior High! All kinds of people are here! Time to film them!

(cuts to Gumball)

Gumball: Hi, I'm Gumball Tristopher Watterson, Just call me Gumball! I'm a blue cat who is 12 years old! Here's my brother Darwin!

Darwin: Hi, My Name is Darwin Ragian Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson lll! Just call me Darwin! i'm a ten year old goldfish, and the former family pet. Once i grew legs, I became A true Watterson!

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