Filthy ball

Matt: "What the AHHH!"

[Matt flips on his side, flattening himself and barely avoiding a speeding projectile. The projectile hits the school wall and bounced over. The projectile turned out to be a basketball. It was covered in poop.]

Tobias: "Haha AH!"

[Tobias ducked as the basketball flew over him, bouncing off the basketball pole. The ball flew and then bounced over to the other disgusted bystanders, just barely touching them. Some of the poop flew to them.]

Leslie: "Eww! Keep it away from me!"

Banana Joe: "Hahahaha" [gasp]

[Banana Joe slipped on himself and dodged the ball. Then the ball bounced over the school fence and unfortunately landed on Mrs. Robinson's wig, who was with Mr. Robinson in their car. They sped away, clueless about their new stowaway.]

Mrs Robinson: [mumbles]

Mr. Robinson: "Well I wasn't the one who forgot to buy the soap!"

[Meanwhile, the students back at the school were snickering.]

Ronald: "I'm so grateful that I'm a teapot and not a ball or anything"

Walter: "I guess its best that we scoop up the dirt before we play a match. Now there goes our second basketball…"

Tobias: "Not to worry dudes because I brought a spare!"

[Tobias raised what he was clutching behind his back. It was a brand new basketball, and it literally shone like a crystal.]

Basketball: "Yeah no, I'm too young to be in danger of getting filthy so I'm not playing with you guys"

[The basketball hopped over the fence, this time hitching a ride with a truck.]

Juke: "Bk bk bk psh bk bk bk bk pshh!"

Matt: "Oh well"

[Ronald, Walter and Lewis part ways with the others. Joining them was none other than Matt, unamused and in hot water.]

Matt: "Literally, I might just have to soak myself in boiling water to get the stains and smell off of my beautiful fur!"

Lewis: "You don't have fur, not unlike me!"

[Lewis the liger flipped his head and swiveled his body, his fur flowing esthetically like waves in the ocean. His fur let out some magical sparkles.]

Matt: "…right, I call it that"

[Matt said as he shooed away the sparkles.]

Matt: "Because I just wish I had smooth and comfy fur instead of some rough and tangly skin"

[As he said the word "tangly", his arms got tangled into his rough skin and got stuck. The mat struggled at his arms until they were free.]

Lewis: "Well it's not that hard. All it takes to have a coat such as mine is to shampoo thoroughly two times a day"

Matt: "You mean shampoo and soap yourself since you're cleaning your whole body and not just your head"

Lewis: "…Mhmm, whatever you say. Oh yeah…by the way, where is Sticky?"

[At this thought everyone grows silent. Then suddenly a loud scream. Turning around to the source, they found a recovering Teri (who had fainted at the sign of the filthy basketball) along with a handful of friends helping her up.]

Teri: "Ewww!"

[Teri had some of the dirt on her feet. They were just small marks, marks as large as half the head of a pin. Regardless, she didn't care.]

Teri: "I'll need to go to the infirmary! It'll take forever to disinfect my feet!"

[Teri with some other girls goes to the infirmary. The four followed them in their gaze. Eventually they found Sticky, the stickman standing there in their sights.]

Lewis: "Okay…there's Sticky! Hey Sticky!"

[Lewis calls over to the stickman. He does not budge.]

Lewis: "Is he deaf or broken or something?"

Matt: "Probably 'wandering' off again. You know Sticky…and his thoughts"

[Matt shudders as he remembers a time that the stickman's thoughts had bordered with twisted ones.]

Lewis: "Hello! STIcky DOMinic PLANEsfield!"

[Lewis calls out again. Still no response. After waiting awhile for some possible movement, Walter grabbed a chocolate bar and consumed the remaining chocolate. Then he crumpled the wrapper and handed it to Lewis.]

Walter: "Here, try this"

Lewis: "What? Taste the wrapper?"

Walter: "I meant throw it at him"

[Lewis grabbed the crumpled wrapper. Than like a baseball pitcher, he threw it at the stickman. The wrapper bounced off, flinging back into Lewis' direction and landing back to his hand as if he never threw it. Sticky had not budged.]

Lewis: "Alright, you asked for this…"

[Lewis the liger turned an imaginary cap backwards on his head then took a look at the stickman. He closed his eyes and suddenly the background became flashing colors. He opened his eyes again as he threw the ball.]

Lewis: "Stickachu, I choose you!"

[The ball opens and lets fort a stream of light, the light materializing into a 2-dimensional black-and-white Pikachu.]

Lewis: "Use agility then lightning ball!"

[The 2-D rodent did as commanded.]

Stickachu: "Sticka! Sticka! Sticka! Sticka! Stickachuuuuu!"

[The Stickachu sends a lightning ball towards the stickman. The ball went so fast it distorts all forces against it. Everything goes to normal as the wrapper falls off the stickman once again. This time it was rolling away from the liger. Stickachu disappeared and the flashing colorful background reverted to normal.]

Walter: "What were you doing?"

[Lewis was abruptly snapped out of his imagination. He closed his eyes with a fist raised in the air as streams of tears came forth from his eyes.]

Lewis: [whispering] "That looked so much better in my mind"

Ronald: "Lets just go to him"

[The four approach the seemingly unmovable stickman. Ronald the teapot hops in front of the stickman. He seems taken aback by what he sees.]

Ronald: "Sticky?"

[The four check his face. It looked as if the stickman was struck and entranced at the same time by something. His expression was one of alarm and oddly of being pleased by something.]

Lewis: "Probably got scared"

Ronald: "Of what, the filth? Sticky isn't much of a germaphobe. He looks kinda happy though"

Walter: "Perhaps he got nervous or overexcited?"

Ronald: "Not likely"

[Lewis poked the stickman's eye. It did not move.]

Lewis: "Hmm…"

[Then suddenly he chuckled and took out a pen. As Walter was pacing wondering about the predicament of their stick friend, Matt looked back on the stickman's face and also started to chuckle. Lewis replaced the pen he had and chuckled with Matt. When Walter looked back at his friend's face, his look was one of disapproval.]

Walter: "What the…guys!"

[Sticky now had a monocle, a mustache and what seemed to be a nose ring and necklace of some sort drawn on his flat face. The others, including Ronald kept chuckling and eventually started laughing making an effort to contain their amusement.]

Walter: "Come on! Lets take him to the infirmary to see whats wrong with him"

Gumball and Darwin

[Scene zooms to an empty locker hallway. Suddenly a locker bursts forth revealing Darwin in his literal shining glory.]

Gumball: "Dude! Get back inside!"

[Darwin rolled out of the locker as a compact cube, eventually popping back to his normal self.]

Darwin: "Sorry, but it's too cramped I could feel my tail touching my eyes!"

Gumball: "Just hide man. If he thinks we're gone, then maybe he'll show up anytime now"

To The Infirmary

[The five arrive at the infirmary with Sticky being carried by Matt. As they entered, they unexpectedly waltzed into a heated argument.]

School Nurse: "…you for the last time that there is nothing wrong with you. Its just a little dirt, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it!"

Teri: "Well I'll have you know that in every square inch, even every millimeter of soil and dirt there is bacteria! And maybe even some other harmful pathogens unknown to the books of medical science!"

School Nurse: "I told you to just clean it off"

Teri: "Not until I have been examined!"

Lewis: "Uh excuse us but we have a case over here"

[The bandage nurse and Teri had stopped to take a look at the liger. The abrupt end of the fight brought with their stares heated gazes, gazes which made Lewis a bit uneasy and almost dizzy. Lewis gestures towards Matt who, in response dumps the unresponsive stickman on the floor unceremoniously, landing with a not-so-soft thud. The stickman continued to stare straight.]

Lewis: "Pretty self-explanatory here"

[The school nurse waves a hand over Sticky's eyes. No response.]

Teri: "Ugh. What happened to him?"

Lewis: "Thats why we came here"

[Suddenly seemingly in response to Teri's voice, Sticky snapped out of the trance he had been. He took one long look at Teri and then fainted. Teri once again started to clamor.]

Teri: "All the more I have to be examined! For one, I could get sick and end up like that!"

[She gestures to Sticky.]

School Nurse: *sigh* "His case is probably unrelated and for the billionth time, you are IN GOOD HEALTH! If you're so worried, I'd suggest you just go straight to the hospital and argue with the doctors there!"

Teri: "Very well!"

[Teri leaves.]


[Sticky is put in a bed. By his side were his friends. It had just been around five minutes since they found Sticky frozen.]

Lewis: "Is he gonna be okay?"

School Nurse: "Of course. He seems to have some fatigue and weariness but otherwise he'll do fine"

Matt: "Do you know why he fainted?"

School Nurse: "No. I'm not really sure. It could be too much anxiety-maybe social anxiety on his part"

[Lewis has a flashback. Sticky and Sarah are talking.]

Sarah: "Hello"

[Sticky explodes. Lewis returns to the present.]

Lewis: "Yup, that sounds like it. Sticky can be a nervous wreck"

[The stickman finally stirs, and slowly his eyes opened up. The doodles on his face were still visible. Matt, Ronald and Lewis try hard not to laugh at the doodles.]

Walter: "Finally, he moves"

Sticky: "Uh…I didn't even see it"

[The four leaned onto Sticky.]

Lewis: "See what?"

Sticky: "IT. Just one moment I stood there. Then…then…"

Lewis: "What is it man? Spit it out!"

[Sticky gestured with his hands.]

Sticky: "It hit me like a stone, it struck me like a sword! It pierced me like an arrow, and it shocked me like lightning!"

[Then Sticky had abruptly sat up, upsetting a glass of water by the bedside he was lying on. Matt barely avoided the trickle of water, which went down straight into Ronald's snout. Walter raised an eyebrow.]

Walter: "Has Tina been bullying you again?"

Ronald: "Perhaps it was the ball after all?"

Sticky: "Nope, it was a feeling…a strong emotion..."

Matt: "Right…social anxiety?"

Sticky: "Nope, thats not an emotion"

Lewis: "Oh…I think I know where this is going. Okay…*Sigh*...I bet Tobias told you that we uploaded that embarrassing video of you and now you're angry at us. I'm sorry dude but I knew you would kill me if I told you"

Sticky: "No…wait WHAT?"

[All the occupants of the infirmary stared at the liger. In a frenzy, the liger blurted out unorganized sentences and words in rapid succession.]

Lewis: "Dangnabit-I meant-oh! Sorry nutty that we I lost your…basketball! I meant? that oh! wait you don't have one wrong apology my mouth slipped! it's nothing! it was a joke wait again! I meant let me start again it was a hacker with-oh who am I kidding I'm so toasted-"

Matt: "ANYWAY I guess we can settle that later. What was this…feeling?"

[The stickman sat upright, a little reluctant at first. Eventually he spoke up.]

Sticky: "It was..."

[The scene rapidly shifts to other places in the world. First to two scientists who were talking.]

Egghead 1: "Lab"

[Then to a pretzel man was ordering a loaf of bread.]

Pretzel Man: "Loaf"

[Then scene changes to a bottle of wine was buying eggs in France.]

Wine Bottle: "L'oeuf"

[Then to a mime origami man who fails at a joke.]

Origami Mime: "Laugh"

[Scene shifts to a tennis match in Richwood High.]

Mr. Kresse: "Love!"

[A sushi giving a rose to a sashimi.]

Sushi: "Love"

[The scene finally shifts back to Sticky.]

Sticky: "…love"

[Everyone is amazed by this answer. Walter gasped, exhaling bottles from a nearby shelf; Lewis' ears exploded; Matt's eyes grew as large as basketballs; Ronald tried not to throw up his tea; and the bandaid nurse was surprised by the loud gasp of Walter. Walter spat out the bottles (and gently as he could set them on the floor).]

Walter: "Seriously? All that time you were as stiff as statue you were in love?"

[Lewis grows back his ears and pretends not to care.]

Lewis: "Meh"

Matt: "No way! Who???"

[Sticky becomes blissful and full of cheeriness, full of emotion and motion.]

Sticky: "Isn't it obvious?"

Lewis: "Not really. Is it Penny? Carmen? Sussie?"

Sticky: "No because she has Gumball, no because she has Alan, and no because ewwww. No offense"

{{d|Walter: "Must be Teri?"

[Sticky nodded in submission with a wide smile on his flat face.]

Sticky: "The fine maiden with the sweet face that shines in a world of black, gray and white!"

[Sticky begins to dance in the air.]

Lewis: "I always wonder why most people who are in love suddenly have a more improved vocabulary"

Matt: "Pssssh. It's Sticky remember? The guy who's married with his homework, loves mathematics and talks 'manifoldly' instead of 'simply' "

Lewis: "Right. So that probably means he's finally breaking up with his homework"

Locked in Lockers

Gumball: "Oh come on! Why isn't he showing up?"

Darwin: "Maybe we should move on to plan B?"

Gumball: "What's plan B?"

Darwin: "Something other than staying in a very cramped space for possibly hours and waiting for someone in one place who might not show up after all and in the end likely wasting our time? Seriously, we need to start moving around if we're going to ever find him"

[Then bell rings. Recess is over.]

Gumball: "Fine. Okay, lets go with that!"

[Gumball kicks the locker to get it open. It didn't.]

Gumball: "Ah! Uh Darwin, buddy…please tell me that you aren't trapped in place"

Darwin: "I'm not trapped in place. There I told you, why?"

Gumball: "Because I'm locked in, and I can't get out"

Darwin: "Don't worry, I could get you out-"

Banana Joe: "Whoops, almost forgot to lock my locker! I shouldn't forget if I want to be "lock-y" today. Ahahahahaha!"

Gumball: "Darwin quick! I think I might become claustrophobic!"

[Next to him, Darwin hears the sound of a lock clicking and a banana whistling with delight. The whistle eventually became distant and had faded away.]

Gumball: "…Please tell me that you still aren't trapped in place?"

Darwin: "…"

[Panicking, the Wattersons screamed in terror as no one heard them from the lockers.]

Plan B

[Scene zooms to the schoolyard during lunchtime. Walter, Matt, Lewis, Ronald and Sticky are out in the schoolyard, eating and talking. They settle on a bench with a small wooden table. Some of them bring their lunches. Everyone is out in the yard, even the girls.]

Gumball: "Alright. Plan B! We hide up in a tree and spy on people. I guess it beats hiding in a locker. See him yet?"

Darwin: "Hmmmm…nope"

[They are hidden up on a tree.]

Darwin: "I don't even think he came today"

Gumball: "Lets just keep looking!"

[Then he thought he spotted something: it was red and bouncy like a ball of clay. Grabbing the binoculars, he pointed them at the bouncy object only to find Teri's crumpled face. In disappointment, he lowered the binoculars.]

Gumball: "Hmmm..."

Asking Teri

Lewis: "Hey guys! Wanna play soccer? I brought a new ball! I also made sure that the field was a hundred percent clean"

Ronald: "Yeah! Soccer!"

Matt: "Sure"

Sticky: "You guys go ahead, I've got some work to do"

Lewis: "Work? But its lunch break" *whispering to himself* "and I thought you broke up with work"

Walter: "Eh you know him. 'Educationals' before pals"

Lewis: "Yeah. But still, what work exactly?"

Sticky: "Homework, so I'm not bothered by it later"

Lewis: [Thinking]"Looks like he's not giving up work yet after all" [Aloud] "Oh come on man, thats why its called that-HOMEwork…wait a minute"

[The liger notices something odd. Through the very flat and thin frame of Sticky, he notices something bulgy. Lewis noticed its was heart shaped.]

Lewis: "You're probably up to something...which involves sneaking to a certain someone-"

[He sees a bouquet-shaped bulge in the Sticky's frame.]

Lewis: "-and giving that certain someone flowers and some chocolate, then asking her out. The someone you love who has nicely drawn features…and is a hypochondriac"

Sticky: [sigh] "I guess it was obvious anyway"

Lewis: "Ha! I knew something was fishy when you said you were going back to your first love, (A.K.A work) after recently confessing your love to another!"

Sticky: "Wut?"

Walter: "You know, I've been thinking. What is it exactly that you like about her?"

Ronald: "And why only now? She's here all the time and then its now that you only get lovestruck"

[Sticky loses focus and gazed up at the heavens. He seemed to lose all his worries and float on a cushion of pure happiness.]

Sticky: "Well it all started when she looked into my eyes. Thats when I froze with emotion, with..with love! I didn't realize her until now! Her eyes were sweet, and her cute little nose. I love the way she moves, and how her ears are just so beautiful and elegant! When she laughs, I smile and my hopes are lifted, and when she smiles I cannot help but laugh inside and be so peaceful. When I look at her, she reminds me of beauty itself and my heart does a dance. When she stands in the light, I can see through her and inside her both spiritually and physically! A dance of ten thousand-"

Lewis: "Okay! okay. A little too cheesy there my friend"

[Nearby, Tina was sweating as she played jumping rope with some other students while Hector was eating a large cheese sandwich.]

Walter: "You could have just told us what you were up to instead of sneaking away"

Matt: "Yeah, exactly" [whispering to himself] "I love stalking people when they're in love"

Sticky: "Hehe I felt a bit awkward about it at first. But now you guys seem okay with it"

Lewis: "Of course. Its not like we really care…that much. Just go to her."

Sticky: "Haha! Okay, see you later!"

Matt: "Good luck!"

[Matt laughs heartily. The four watch as Sticky walks into the playground in search of Teri.]

Walter: "Good luck to him. I never thought Sticky could be so cheesy"

Lewis: "By the way…where's Teri?"

[As if in cue, Teri appears seemingly out of nowhere near the school's wall out of sight of the students. She looks around, her eyes focused on her surroundings. Then she puts on a small brown hat.]

Narrator: "Duba-duba-duba! Agent T!" [vinyl scratch]

Carmen: "Hey Teri!"

[At this, Teri quickly motions as if to take the hat off.]

Teri: "Oh, hey Carmen!"

Carmen: "I thought you were in the hospital?"

Teri: "Yeah, but I'm okay…now"

Carmen: "Haha nice hat-is there something wrong? You seem to have grown shorter"

Teri: "Yes, I had to…uh…get my feet clipped because of the filth a while ago. It is less painful than it sounds. That's also why I didn't have to go to the hospital after all"

[Carmen squints her eyes as if in suspicion. She is actually inspecting Teri's feet.]

Carmen: "Oh, okay"

Talking to Teri

[Carmen brings Teri to were the girls were playing and talking. They are by the other side of the yard were Matt, Walter, Ronald and Lewis stayed. Sticky approaches them. Matt who was with the others responded back to Sticky through a wave. Sticky sees Teri and goes up to her. He is very nervous.]

Sticky: "He..lo..y hi there Teri"

[Sticky imagines himself facepalming.]

Teri: "Oh hello…whats your name?"

Sticky: "My name is Sticky. You can just call me Sticky swee-Teri yeah kay"

Teri: "Sticky Sweet Teryaki?"

Sticky: "No, just Sticky haha yeah. I just wanted to say hi-to see what you uh…were up to haha"

[At the bench where the four others sat, Matt watches with amusement and delight. He munched on his ham sandwich with much gusto that from a distance, Anton could felt disturbed.]

Matt: "This is gonna be interesting"

Lewis: "Yeah…but I think I know what'll be more interesting for us: SOCCER!"

[Ronald, Matt and Walter cheer.]

Matt: "Ronald, you and Walter versus me and Lewis. Pass me the ball! I'm gonna be the goal-"

[Ronald (having no hands) passes the ball without a second thought and did so clumsily. The ball hits Matt squarely in the forehead. The soccer ball flies upwards from his face and began to fall back down.]

Sticky: "I like your nose. I think it's cute-I mean cutting edge-err quite nice hehe"

Teri: "Thanks. I like to keep it disinfected"

[Before Sticky could respond or give his flowers and chocolates to the paper bear, a soccer ball from the sky knocks Sticky in the back, sending him forward with such force that he was launched into the arms of Teri. The ball bounces from his back into the school, going all the way to Mr. Small's office. As he was meditating, the Soccer ball crashed into the door's window and crashed directly into his face.]

Mister Small: "Ow…mmmmm. Ohmmmmm"

[Back outside, Teri feels awkward as Sticky falls on her. They hug each other for a while. Then the stickman quickly released Teri. No one had really noticed them.]

Sticky: "Sorry! My haha!"

Teri: "…T-thats okay"

Ask Her for Thy Hand

Matt: "…agh"

[Matt lies down flat on his back staring at the sun. The sun smiles back. Lewis, Ronald and Walter check him to see if he was okay. They can see a faint checker mark on his face, the same pattern from the black and white soccer ball.]

Ronald: "Oh…my…go-I am so sorry!"

[With some effort, Matt got up.]

Matt: "No problem. I mean I've experienced worse before. After all I'm a doormat, and people used to step on me…a lot"

[Matt crawls and takes a seat near Lewis. Suddenly Sticky runs back to them. At this, the doormat suddenly flipped back upright as if he was never struck in the face and was perfectly fine.]

Matt: "So what happened?"

Sticky: "I couldn't give her the chocolates and flowers. But I kind of gave her a hug…"

Lewis: "…and?"

[Sticky blushed and chuckled nervously.]

Sticky: "It went great. I just…couldn't breathe after that"

[Matt became excited.]

Matt: "No way? And she didn't mind? That means she could like you! You should totally go on a date with her"

Sticky: "Just a hug man. An accidental one actually. It doesn't necessarily mean-"

Matt: "YOU should totally go on a date with her!"

Sticky: "But I've never had a girlfriend…"

Matt: "That's where I come in! You might have not heard, but I've had lots of dates throughout my years"

[Matt's lunchbox was full of dates and figs. Ronald hopped on beside it to inspect its seams bursting with dates.]

Lewis: "You mean the ones that make you poop?"

Matt: "Shhhhh…before I can help you out, ask her out first! Try going to her again"

Sticky: "I guess I could. But I feel so weak and…and so-"

Matt: "Trust yourself man! Believe in yourself! Be strong, love is supposed to make you strong! Before lunch ends, come upon her and ask her for thy hand!"

Ronald: " 'Thy hand' be too Elizabethan for me own tastes does thou think so?"

Walter: "So formal"

Lewis: "And British"

Sticky: "Alright, I' it again!"

[Then he collapsed on his face.]

Sticky: "I'll need some support though"


[Once again, Sticky approaches Teri. He inhales deeply then exhales in nervousness.]

Sticky: "Um hello Teri haha. Can I speak with you for a second?"

[Sticky catches her off guard and she gives a little surprised hop.]

Sticky: "Oh haha! Didn't mean to disturb you there"

[Finally, Teri turns to his direction.]

Sticky: "I know that we just met and all but…"

[He takes his flowers and chocolates out of his pockets.]

Sticky: "Will you go out with me?"

[Then suddenly Teri was gone as if by magic.]

Sticky: "..."

Gumball's face gets hit

[Scene changes to the Wattersons up in their tree. They were eating burritos and having apple juice.]

Darwin: "I don't think we'll ever find him. Its been all day"

{{d|Gumball}: "It hasn't been all day. Not yet at least. If it takes until Christmas to find him, then so be it!"

[Gumball took the binoculars with his other hand and peered towards the students in the yard. All the students were busy with whatever they were doing. There were even some faculty members. Mr. Small emerged from a door with a crater in his face and a ball in one hand. From afar the blue cat watched as a frowning Mr. Small passed the ball back to a liger student. Darwin tucked into his burrito and finished it soon.]

Darwin: "D'you think he morphed into someone?"

[Gumball telescopes his eyes into the binoculars to maximize his vision.]

Gumball: "It's a possibility! I thought I saw him bouncing like an evil scheming pile of plasticine!"

[He continues to spy with his binoculars when suddenly a ball flies to him, hitting him right in the face. As it falls back down, the binoculars are embedded into Gumball's face.]

Gumball: "…ouch"

Disappearing Again

[Sticky is baffled as Teri reappears. This time, Sticky gives his flowers and chocolates to Teri. Teri seemed clueless when she saw Sticky giving her the flowers and chocolate.]

Teri: "Oh, thanks"

[Sticky winks.]

Sticky: "You're very welcome! Also I wanted to say something to you a while ago"

[Again she disappears, flowers on the ground.]

Sticky: [Thought] "What if she doesn't like me after all?"

[From his mind he hears an inner voice echo Matt's words.]

Inner Voice: "Trust yourself man! Be strong, love is supposed to make you strong…"

[Turning to his side, he sees Matt whispering in his ear.]

Sticky: [Thought] "Geez now that I think about it, those words sound like they came from those particular movies, especially the Daisy channel movies"

[Out of nearby bins and bushes Ronald, Walter and Lewis poked their heads.]

Sticky: "I probably need some more help here"

Matt: "Maybe, but just keep believing in yourself!"

Sticky: "And I thought you guys were out playing soccer?"

Lewis: "We are. We're just checking on you"

Plan C

[In the middle of the hallway, Gumball and Darwin stood. The school hallway was filled with some activity. Rocky was drilling a sign of some sort; Carmen and Penny were talking; Principal Brown and Miss Simian were flirting as always; Egghead 1 and Egghead 2 were talking science; and the Hot Dog Guy was combing his buns. The brothers stood there, eyeing everyone with suspicion.]

Gumball: "Ready for plan C?"

Darwin: "Mhmm. So who should we start with first?"

Gumball: "Let's choose someone thats the closest to him. If he were to morph to someone, he would probably be…"

[A flashback of a banana milkshake joke in the cafeteria went through his head. Gumball sees Banana Joe merrily walking by. In passing, Gumball abruptly grabbed the banana by the head and swung him into a corner. He and Darwin flanked him with their backs to the light, casting a sinister shadow over the banana.]

Gumball: "So tell us, what's your real identity Banana Joe? Or should I say…Clayton!?"

Banana Joe: "AH! Please don't hurt me! I'm not Clayton!"

Darwin: [Evil voice] "Prove it!"

Banana Joe: "How?"

[For a while, all shadows and airs of intimidation from the Wattersons died out. Gumball thought for a while.]

Gumball: "Hmm, haven't thought about that…tell us a joke"

Banana Joe: "O-okay…why was the banana scared? Because bananana!"

[The "bananana" is sung in the famous Beethoven jingle tune. It takes a while for Gumball and Darwin to get the joke. Gumball and Darwin considered then looked at one another and nodded.]

Banana Joe: "Also if it helps, I did see Clayton this morning! I saw him in the infirmary a while ago. Trust me!"

[The Wattersons nod again. Their airs of intimidation came back as sudden as they died out a while ago and their shadows returned.]

Gumball: "You have done wisely, good banana. And please don't tell anyone about this. You've seen nothing..."

[Banana Joe winked and gave a thumbs up. He started to regain his composure. Then as if nothing had happened, he continued walking merrily. The brothers meanwhile had snuck back into the hallway with the lockers searching their next target.]

Darwin: "Lets try asking nicely next time"

Never Give Up!

Lewis: "Noooo!"

[Lewis looks at his ball as it lands in the trash bin.]

Lewis: "I just bought that ball"

Matt: "Its just trash, at least it isn't dog poop"

Ronald: "Yuck. I am not touching that with my body. Just clean it up"

[They go to sit down on the same bench were they had sat during last recess time. As they are commenting on the soccer ball, an exasperated Sticky comes back to them, wilted flowers in his hand.]

Sticky: "I can't do it! For the infinite time, she just disappears before I can even say one thing to her"

[Lewis reaches for a cloth and instead grabs Matt by mistake. Eyeing the stickman, he proceeds to scrub Matt roughly on the soccer ball, face first.]

Lewis: "Coincidental disappearance? Or I hate to say this but maybe she's really not interested in you after all"

Walter: "Maybe she's there but she just turns at an angle where she 'disappears' "

Sticky: "What?"

Walter: "She's so thin that when you stare at her side, you can barely make out her outline"

[Lewis suddenly releases Matt as he realizes to his shock what he was doing to the doormat. Matt turns to the stickman. He speaks, but not before spitting out chunks of garbage.]

Matt: "Whatever happens, never give up and believe in yourself!"


Alan: "I sincerely apologize for your trouble"

[An impatient Gumball with Darwin at his side was interrogating Alan near the school building.]

Alan: "Seriously I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm sorry that I upset you and I really am sorry for not being able to help"

Darwin: [whispering to Gumball] "Its obvious he's not him. He could never float like that"

Gumball: "You can never be sure Darwin. As they always say, 'how do you know if you haven't tried them?'"

Darwin: "I thought it was 'how do you know you don't like it if you haven't tried it?"

[Gumball turns to the balloon.]

Gumball: "Alright Alan, you're…free"

[Gumball turns to the schoolyard, choosing his next suspect.]

Gumball: "Hey TOBIAS!"

[Tobias was playing ball with Idaho when he was abruptly struck by Gumball's words. At this, Tobias flinched and turned to Gumball.]

Tobias: "What do you want?"

[Gumball takes a large daunting step toward the rainbow lad.]

Darwin: "Have you seen Clayton?"

[Tobias shrugs.]

Gumball: "In that case, I wan't you to prove yourself!"

Tobias: "I have no idea what you're talking about!"

Darwin: "Do what you do. Pump some weights!"

Tobias: "Okay? Sure I'll do it…for the ladies"

[Tobias took two large blocks of concrete which substituted for weights. He smiled and winked at the ladies (who either ignored him or didn't pay attention). Tobias struggled to lift them up.]

Tobias: "Check…this…ah…out…!"

[Then the concrete slabs fell and pinned down Tobias on the ground. Gumball considered this for a moment.]

Gumball: "Definitely not him"

Darwin: "Yup"

[They continued on and kept interrogating random people who they encountered.]

Packs a Punch

[Teri is pinned flat against the building's side wall hiding. Teri was watching as Gumball interrogated a confused Leslie. When she thought that she was safe and sound, she let out a sigh and started to escape the yard only to be surprised by someone jumping out of nowhere. It was Sticky.]

Sticky: "Heyas! Sorry for surpri-"

Teri: "AH!"

[Before he could finish his sentence, Teri had punched him. Her punch was surprisingly strong that he went through the school fence, and unto the road. Several cars ran over him.]

Sticky: "AH! I'm okay. I am 2-dimensional after all-"

[The wind picked him up then flew him over the cars. He flew into the other side of the sidewalk across the school. He lands in the garbage bin. The stench inside the bin was enough to make him pass out for a moment. Teri stood in shock, thinking about what she had just done. Then all she could do was check if anyone was looking, shrug and then morph into Sticky.]

More Interrogating

Matt: "Why the heck did you use me to clean the soccer ball?"

Lewis: "Like you said: at least it isn't poop"

Matt: "Yeah and still I was forced to lick the garbage off"

[Matt kept spitting chunks of slippers, paper and other miscellaneous pieces of objects. Before Lewis could retort, the Wattersons approached them and interrupted their conversation.]

Gumball: "Excuse me uh..."

Matt: "Name's Matt"

Walter: "Walter Waters"

Ronald: "Ronald"

Lewis: "Lew-"

Gumball: "Yeah whatever. I know some of your names. We're just gonna go straight to the point: have-"

Sticky: "Hey what's going on guys!?"

Walter: "Nothing much, except these guys have our attention"

[Sticky had returned back to their table. He was surprised by the Watterson's presence.]

Gumball: "Moving on, have any of you seen Clayton?"

Darwin: "For those who don't know he's colored red, pink-purple lips, large eyes and bounces around. Also he can be such a liar and can also shape-shift…"

[Then Gumball leaned in forward casting a cold shadow over them. For a while, Sticky literally freezes.]

Gumball: "…and could be by some chance disguised as one of you guys"

Matt: "Noooooo…? Not so familiar with him. But yeah, I think I saw him or at least someone like him yesterday"

Ronald: "Well, if it counts my middle name is Clayton"

[The Wattersons eye him with suspicion.]

Ronald: "…just a middle name"

Darwin: "Oh okay"

Walter: "Why are you looking for him anyway?"

[Gumball scrunches his eyebrows and literally cracks them like knuckles.]

Gumball: "Because we've got business with him"

Darwin: "Sorry, but we'd rather not tell"

[Sticky regain himself from being nervous.]

Sticky: "Now if you don't mind…I'll be going"

Gumball: "Yeah wait. Just one more thing: we want you all to prove that you aren't Clayton in disguise"

Matt: "We told you, we haven't seen Clayton anywhere lately. Plus how are we supposed to do that?"

Darwin: "Try morphing"

[Matt tries to morph. He struggles and puts so much effort that he becomes soggy from the sweat. In the end he ended up exasperated, and then all his tangly cloth came off from the pressure.]

Matt: "Whoa"

[The bald doormat put pressure again and he grew another coat of tangly skin, slightly softer than his last coat.]

Matt: "Well there you go"

[Before anyone could respond, they are interrupted by Teri's scream.]

Teri: "You need to get cleaned up otherwise you'll get sick and infected!"

[Turning to her direction, they see Sticky emerge from the school building. He is running from Teri as she chases him with a bottle of orange scented disinfectant.]

Two Stickys

Sticky 2: "Ah! Stop! First you punched me away then you spray me with orange scent!? I'm allergic to oranges even if it's just their scent"

[Ronald, Walter, Sticky 1, Lewis, Darwin and Gumball all watch as Teri chased Sticky around.

Lewis: "What the…?"

Matt: "…bacon…"

Ronald: "…lettuce…"

Sticky 1: "…and tomato sandwich!"

[They all looked past Sticky and Teri at a BLT advertisement poster.]

BLT Poster: "What are you looking at?"

Darwin: "What? Never seen that flyer before?"

Lewis: "I'm kinda new here"

[Sticky comes running to them with Teri on his trail.]

Sticky 2: "Please! If it helps I'll just stop and avoid you forever as long as it makes you happy!"

Teri: "Hold still!"

[She tackles Sticky and sprays him mercilessly.]

Matt: "Well Sticky! At least she cares about your hygiene"

Sticky 2: "I can't breathe! Too much…orange scent!" [cough cough]

[Sticky 1 backs away, coughing from the orange scent. Matt snickers at him. But then he noticed something off and stopped snickering.]

Gumball: "Wait a minute, do you have a twin?"

Sticky 1: "Err…nope"

[Sticky 2 fell down on the floor as Teri sprayed him up. Then she only stopped when Sticky 2 went limp and still after he was was sprayed and cleansed thoroughly. Gumball, Darwin, Lewis, Matt, Walter, {{d|Ronald and Teri finally realized what was wrong. There were two Stickys.]

Lewis: "…AH! Doppelgänger!"

Matt: "I knew I shouldn't have eaten those dates"

[Lewis grabs a rock-hard bagel and is about to beat up the unconscious Sticky when he is stopped by Walter.]

Walter: "-wait a minute! Thats no doppelgänger, its…"

[Gumball steps forward to both the unconscious and conscious Sticky.]

Gumball: "Well well well, if it isn't Clayton! Or at least one of you is"

[Sticky 1 was taken aback. He yelled at Sticky 2 in disbelief.]

Sticky 1: "How dare you copy me-and my beautiful body!"

[The unconscious Sticky started to come to. He looked at Teri with a sad apologetic smile. He wasn't aware of his twin.]

Sticky 2: "Teri…"

Teri: "What?"

Sticky 2: "…If it bugs you too much…I'll just leave you alone! Forever..."

[He faints again. Teri is a bit confused.]

Teri: "What is he talking about?"

Matt: "Weeell, what he-who could be either Clayton or my battered friend-is trying to say is-"

Walter: "He was asking you out in the schoolyard this lunch, don't you remember? But then he thinks you dislike him or something since you kept disappearing before he could talk to you…or something. By the looks of it, he thinks you're trying to repel him"

[Teri raised an eyebrow.]

Teri: "But…I don't remember him asking me anything. In fact I wasn't even here during lunchtime. I visited the hospital and just arrived minutes ago"

Gumball: "So that can only mean that Clayton must be-"

[Everyone turned to Sticky 2. He was lying on the ground peacefully with his mouth wide open. Walter thought for a while.]

Walter: "But then he couldn't have lied about going to Teri. Teri was surely here during lunchtime…"

Darwin: "I'm pretty sure I saw her too"

Gumball: "Yeah, so did I"

[Everyone turned to Teri. She stared around and finally grasps the message.]

Teri: "What? You're suspecting me of being Clayton? If you want proof of my visit to the hospital, take a look at this!"

[She hands Walter a medical receipt. The watermelon passes it to Gumball.]

Teri: "And anyway I thought you witnessed me leaving the infirmary for the hospital just after recess?"

Lewis: "I thought you weren't being serious. What if you lied for some reason?"

Teri: "Excuse me? And for what particular reason?"

Lewis: "…I don't know. Maybe you just made up the receipt and lied about your visit to the hospital in order to preserve your dignity"

Matt: "Wait a minute! Sticky had mentioned Teri disappearing at times"

Lewis and Gumball: "…and?"

Matt: "Couldn't that Teri have been Clayton in disguise trying to avoid Sticky?"

Walter: "That could be true…"

Darwin: "If that's true, we could just ask Teri about what had happened today"

Teri: [sigh] "I told you I was at the hospital"

Lewis: "Then that's easy. All you have to do to prove your innocence is to answer this question: did you hug Sticky?"

Teri: "You mean that disgusting biohazard who was reeking of sickness? Eugh no. And why are you still suspecting me when it's pretty obvious who Clayton could be: there are two of the same people and only one could be real!

Lewis: "Haha right…fair point, and now I kinda feel dumb for suspecting you. Still, that would mean that Clayton disguised himself as Teri during early lunch-"

Gumball: "-and later morphed into Tammy!"

Lewis: "You mean Sticky?"

Darwin: "So two Stickys. The unconscious one didn't lie about talking to the fake Teri. He went to the fake Teri, then later fake Teri or Clayton could have knocked him out and replaced him..."

Matt: "And I remember the 'Sticky' here who's still conscious waltzed up here…and acted as if he were pretending nothing had happened"

[Everyone eyed Sticky 1 with ferocious suspicion.]

Sticky 1: "What? Are you accusing me? I am the real Sticky. For all we could know, the unconscious Sticky could have been Clayton from the very start"

Lewis: "Doubt it, Sticky seemed himself this morning until recess when he became immobile. And then we brought him to the infirmary"

Gumball: "Banana Joe did say he saw Clayton in the infirmary after recess"

Walter: "But we were with Sticky in the infirmary the whole time and left after recess. None of us saw Clayton"

Ronald: "Can someone please clear this up? My head is starting to spin"

[Ronald's cap was spun around.]

Gumball: "Okay, so-Clayton morphed into Teri knowing that she was going to the hospital. This is even proved by the fact that Banana Joe said he saw Clayton in the infirmary. Then afterwards 'Teri' or rather Clayton beat up the real Timmy-"

Lewis: "-Sticky"

Gumball: "-and replaced him. Then while me and Darwin were interrogating you guys, Clayton thought he could blend in inconspicuously, But the original Stevie-"

Lewis: "Sticky!"

Gumball: "Whatever, the original Sticky messed up his cover when the real one was being chased by Teri. And here you are right now-Boom! After all this time we have finally caught you!"

[Gumball pointed a finger at Sticky 1. Unfortunately the pointed finger landed on empty space. Sticky 1 had disappeared. Gumball sighed.]

Darwin: "Oh man"

Gumball: "…and we were so close"

[Their attention was caught by the sound of girls screaming and a table being flipped over. Lewis thought he could make out a ball of clay amongst the chaos morph into Sarah.]

Lewis: "Over there! I saw him"

Gumball: "Then lets go!"

Matt: "Oh, actually we're in the middle of a soccer-"

Gumball: "Just come with us and help us"

Finally Caught

[All of them ran to the flipped over table. The girls were fixing up their lunches and scattered objects. Gumball eyed all of them suspiciously.]

Gumball: "Alright Clayton, give it up!"

Masami: "What? Clayton? Where?"

[Masami looked at Sarah in a peculiar way.]

Masami: "I thought you were practicing with Penny and Carmen with cheerleading"

Gumball: "That's because she's no Sarah. Its Clayton!"

[Gumball leapt on Sarah and Darwin pinned her down. Sarah reluctantly morphs into a pile of clay, revealing Clayton's true form. Everyone gasps.]

Clayton: "Ah! Okay okay! You found me"

[Gumball held the clay with both his hands. If he had inherited his mother's lazier vision, Clayton could have been a liquid puddle.]

Gumball: "What the buzz man! We were looking all day for you. Why were you hiding from us?"

Clayton: "Well, I thought you would get mad at me. Then we would lose our friendship"

Gumball: "Oh of course not! Just admit that you lied about me-uh..."

[Gumball looked around at Masami and at the crowd. Along with Darwin he went closer to Clayton and huddled. They both whisked Clayton further away from the crowd and Gumball whispered to him.]

Ronald: "Wha-"

Gumball: "Privacy please"

[The continue to talk in hushed voices. Lewis perks an ear up but still doesn't hear much. He only hears a handful and he could hear Clayton admit something.]

Clayton: "Okay. I admit it…"

[Before Lewis could get inconspicuously closer, the Wattersons and Clayton hugged. Lewis still held up an ear.]

Gumball: "See it wasn't that bad…but…"

[Gumball started speaking in harsher hushed tones. He also made as if to crack his knuckles. Clayton nodded then saluted with a smile and bounced away. Meanwhile Ronald, Matt, Lewis, Walter, Masami, Teri and the other girls were curious. Gumball and Darwin were about to walk away when they forgot about the large crowd they had attracted by accident.]

Masami: "What was that all about?"

Gumball: "Eh-Nothing"

[Masami eyes Gumball with distaste.]

Masami: "Uh whatever. Come on girls, where were we?"

[Teri leaves the boys to join with the girls. Lewis approaches Gumball.]

Lewis: "So what? All that...for that?"

Gumball: "Yup"

Walter: "Probably personal business. We shouldn't interfere"

Darwin: "Exactly"

The End

[The bell rung, and school was over. Everyone took off from their classrooms and raced down the hallway, collecting their books and bags. The five exited the school and went walking along the streets to their homes. Sticky and the others were talking about Teri.]

Sticky: "I don't think I want to ask Teri out anymore. After the way she treated me, she would never like me back"

Lewis: "At least you tried"

[As Lewis and Sticky chatted on, Matt walked over to Ronald the teapot.]

Matt: "So have you told Sticky about the whole situation?"

Ronald: "Nope"

Matt: "Why not?"

Ronald: "Because just imagine how he would feel if his efforts were in vain. He would go crazy if he found out he was asking Clayton out the whole time! Anyway it's pretty obvious that Teri doesn't like him, not after he was doused in garbage. It would just break his poor heart if he tried again"

Matt: "Haha maybe. But I guess it's better to tell him soon"

Ronald: "Mhmmm…maybe in 10 years time"

[Episode Ends]

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