"The Disease" is an upcoming episode, It is part 1 of "Save Elmore from Joy".

"The Disease"
The Disease Titlecard
Season: 5
Broadcast number: 442
Production code: GBE01
Running time: 11 Minutes
Airing Information
U.S. air date: TV: 2017
VOD: March 15, 2017
U.K. air date: TBA
International premieres: France: March 25, 2017
Written by: TBA
Storyboarded by: TBA
Songs Featured

Episode Chronology
""The Cheater""
""The Mirth""


Due to Doughnut Sheriff's carelessness, The Joy Virus escapes and plans to infect the whole Elmore, It's up to Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Banana Joe, Penny, Miss Simian, Sarah, Tobias and Linto to save Elmore.


Main Characters




Banana Joe





Supporting Characters

Miss Simian

Minor Characters

Doughnut Sheriff

Chicken Bucket



Other police officers

Everybody else in Elmore


[Episode starts at Chicken Bucket's Office, a secured glass bottle is there, with a rainbow chemical, specifically the Joy Virus.]

Doughnut Sheriff: [Enters room] Ah! Time for some coffee stealing! What he gets for firing me! Though he did hire me back, That's good.

Doughnut Sheriff: [Sees chemical] Huh? Rainbow Coffee! [Breaks the glass]

Chicken Bucket: [Opens office door with coffee] A-- [Spills coffee] OH MY GOD!

Doughnut Sheriff: [Drinks Chemicals]


Doughnut Sheriff: [Gets infected and starts approaching to hug the Chicken Bucket]

Chicken Bucket: No no no!!

[Doughnut Sheriff hugs the Chicken Bucket, infecting him]

[Suspense sound; Timecard appears saying "MEANWHILE..."]

[Cuts to Gumball and Darwin's room; Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Banana Joe, Penny, Sarah, Tobias and Linto are partying, everywhere seems like a mess]

Linto: Gumball, This is the BEST Party ever!

Sarah: Yeah! How long did it take you to prepare this?

Gumball: [Relaxed] Oh, don't worry.

[Cuts to outside of Watterson house, Nicole and Richard are there]

Nicole and Richard: Have you got any change?!

Nicole and Richard: [Gasp] What!?

[Cuts back to the party]

[A lot of laughs can be heard, Darwin is then confused]

Darwin: Huh? [Looks outside the window]

[Cuts to the window, Everybody look like they are infected with joy as Darwin looks at them]

Darwin: Uhhh... Guys?

Gumball: What man! We're tryin' to have a blast!

Darwin: Come look outside... it's serious.

[Everybody come to the window and look outside]

Gumball: What the..?

Penny: What's going on outside?

Tobias: I don't know! We should go out and explore.

[Everybody go outside, the city is a wreck and everybody are infected with joy]

Gumball: Wait, I recognize this!

Everybody else: What?

Gumball: It's the joy virus.

[Fades to everyone walking on the streets, all the infected people are walking slowly]

Darwin: [Trips over a rock] OWWW!!

[The infected people hear Darwin, and start chasing the gang]

Gumball: Darwin, Get up!!

[Darwin quickly gets up, And everyone start running]

Gumball: We need to get to Elmore Junior High!

Tobias: Are you crazy? There could be people there!

Gumball: No! When I saw the other episode with the virus Miss Simian played that song and it would fix everything!

Banana Joe: Well, let's give it a go!

Linto: But there are a lot of people here!

Gumball: Let's just run.

[Cuts to front angle of everyone, a few joy zombies approach and everybody stealthly jump and avoid everyone]

Sarah: That was close!

[A scream is heard in the background and everyone else look at the back with a scared face]

Gumball: I'm not even sure what was that.

[Fades to Elmore Junior High, the gang reaches there]

[Cuts closer to Elmore Junior High entrance, everyone are panting]

Gumball: Alright guys, Let's get to Miss Simian's room and find the cassette player, and get to the PA system!

[Everyone run into the school and quickly stop]

Darwin: Oh god, more joy zombies.

[The gang runs to Miss Simian's room, and jump; on the way they bump into Miss Simian]

Everyone and Miss Simian: OW!

Miss Simian: [Gets up and gasps] GET AWAY ZOMBIES!

[Everybody else get up]

Gumball: Chill out Miss Simian we're not infected! We were protected!

Darwin: Where were you going anyways?

Miss Simian: To my room and get the cassette player!

Gumball: That's where we were going!

Miss Simian: Well why are you standing here? COME!

[Everyone run into Miss Simian's room]

Miss Simian: Okay! Look for my cassette player!

[Everybody look at one spot, and its not there]

Darwin: [Looks at Miss Simian's desk] Wait! A note! [Points at the note]

Gumball: [Walks to Miss Simian's desk, grabs the note and reads it] "By a Joy Virus nerd, written quickly with knowledge. Hello, whoever is reading this is clearly in the joy virus' outbreak, sorry but the cassette player is in the Elmore Science Lab, it is surrounded by a lot of joy zombies, You must get to the lab, go through the zombies, make a cure potion to put on the player so it can go loud, then go to the Elmore PA System, the potion should be put on the player because the PA System isn't that loud, after you do these; the town will be saved."

Darwin: Wait! The science lab is far!

Sarah: So we have to get to the science lab, go through the joy zombies, invent a cure and save the town!

Gumball: And it's all up to us!

Gumball: LETS GO!

[Everybody run out of the room, The frame freezes as the gang bravely in the hallway look at outside]

[Text comes on the still frame and says "TO BE CONTINUED..."]

[The episode ends]


  • This episode and "The Cure" are the only episodes in Save Elmore from Joy which were not renamed. Ironically, This is the first part and the other is the last part.
  • This episode reveals that after the events of "The Law" Doughnut Sheriff has been stealing the Chicken Bucket's coffee everytime he was gone.
  • This episode was accidentally released on Cartoon Network's VOD services on March 11 2017, but it was removed four hours after the release, Although this; The episode was actually seen by a lot of people.
  • Gumball breaks the fourth wall by mentioning that he actually watched the episode "The Joy".


  • This episode, Doughnut Sheriff immediately gets fully infected, where as in "The Joy" it took time for the victims to get fully infected.

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