The Computer is a fanon episode of The Amazing World of Gumball. It takes place after "The Internet".


Gumball, Darwin, and Jack get Masami, Clayton, and Alan to help them make videos to impress Timmy and make him remove the embarrassing video of Gumball.


Gumball and Darwin have just left Timmy's house. Hector walks by. Gumball suddenly sees up to Hector's head and finds his embarrassing video face (call it the EVF). He and Darwin run into Razor, who starts playing a tune on his guitar that is the opening music to "The Internet". He then finds Felicity with er son Billy on the sidewalk, who are both embarrasses at them. They're embarrassed faces urn into the EVF. Gumball is so worried, and Darwin has no idea what is going on. Darwin then starts seeing Hector, Razor, Felicity, and Billy all with his normal face. He then reluctantly decides not to ask Gumball what is going on. Suddenly, a Gumball clone came in, wit the EVF! It then turned out to be Clayton. Masami and Alan both floated down. Sussie walked by, and Gumball thought it was the EVF. Gumball started to freak out. Alan calmed him down, Masami changed her personality to Alan's, and Clayton morphed into him. Jack then came in, and failed to act like Alan. He quickly escaped the embarrassment.


Major Characters

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