The Clone


Anais turns Gumball Evil and tries to destroy the school.



Evil Gumball(Debut)




Minor Characters



Banana Joe


Miss Simian

Cancelled Hidden Characters

Bloody Gumball


I am all of me-SEGA

Bowser ??? Theme-Nintendo


-School Corridor-

Anais:*Walks to Gumball* Gumball,What are you doing lying on the floor?

Gumball:*Gets up* I got beaten up by Tina

Anais:I see your problems with Tina,you need to be strong


Anais:Hmm,i have invented something,but it's kinda..Bad

Gumball:I dont care,give it to me!

Anais:Ok,come with me

-Unknown Place-

Gumball:Um,Why are we in Detention?

Anais:Because this place is secret

Gumball:Ok how do i be strong?

Anais:By eating this pill*Shows Pill*

Gumball:Ok *Swallows Pill*

Anais:*Shows Remote*

Gumball:Why do you have a remote?

Anais:Wait till you see...*Pushes Remote Button*

Gumball:Aahh! *Turns to Evil Gumball*

Evil Gumball:I am Evil Gumball!

Anais:Oknow your powerfull enought to fight Tina!

Evil Gumball:*Pushes Anais* *Exits Door* *Walks to Tina*

Tina:What do you want Gummypuss?

Evil Gumball:*Beats up Tina*



Darwin:Wow Gumball,you beat up the Unbeatable Tina!

Evil Gumball:*Punches Darwin*



Miss Simian:What's going on here?

Bobert:Gumball beated up Tina and punched Darwin

Miss Simian:*Suprised* GUMBALL!,in school Violence is forbidden!

Anais:*Runs to Gumball* *Pushes Remote Button*

Evil Gumball:*Turns to Gumball*

Gumball:Woah!,what just happened?



Darwin:What's wrong

Gumball:Im feeling kinda..Weird inside...AAHH! *Turns to Evil Gumball*

Miss Simian:QUIET!

Evil Gumball:*Stands Up* *Attacks Miss Simian*


Evil Gumball:*Turns to Gumball*


Miss Simian:GRR!,Go to Detention right now!!!


Miss Simian:No Buts!!!


Anais:*Enters Door* Hey Gumball!

Gumball:What the Heck Sis!!!??


Gumball:You got me in trouble for pushing the remote button in class!

Anais:Gumball,I didn't press it!

Gumball:Then who?

Anais:How should i know?

Gumball:*Turns to Evil Gumball*

Evil Gumball:*Punches Anais* I must head to the library,to get the Human's intelligents! *Rushes to Library*


-School Corridor

Evil Gumball:*Runs* *Trip into a Rock* Ouch! *Vomits Gumball?*

Gumball:Ow,what happene...Aaahh,It's another me!

Evil Gumball:Yes,and i will destroy this Damn School *Pushes Gumball*

Anais:*suprised* Gumball! *Runs to Gumball* Are you ok?


Darwin:Hey there!

Anais:Quick we must stop Evil Gumball from heading to the Library!


Old Woman:Hello there,do you have a Library Card?

Evil Gumball:No,and i will drain these Human's Brains,Mwahahahaha!!!


Gumball,Darwin & Anais:*Rushes to Library door*

Gumball:*Tries to open door* Aw,Not again!



Anais:Looks like we have to Bust it open

.*Door Bashes*

Gumball,Darwin & Anais:*Sees Evil Gumball Floating in a canister with a Helmet with alot of tubes*

Evil Gumball:Mwahahahahahaha!!!,Your too late,i am draining the Humans's brains and heading to my brain Haha!,You will Die *Shoots Laser Eyes*

Gumball,Darwin & Anais:Aaahhh!!! *Runs around library*

Gumball:Quick Anais!,Press the Button!

Anais:Ok! *Shows Remote*

Evil Gumball:*Grabs Remote* *Swallows Remote*

Gumball:Aw come on!

Evill Gumball:*Shoots Laser Eyes*

Gumball,Darwin & Anais:Aaahhh!!! *Runs around library*

Gumball:Noooo!!,It's a dead end!

Evil Gumball:Mwahahahaha!!!

.*Earthquake occurs*

Everyone:What's happening?

.*Giant Squid Appears from the floor*

Darwin:Look!,It's our pet octupus we flushed down on the Toilet!

Giant Squid:*Spits Ink to Evil Gumball*

Evil Gumball:Aah my face!!! *coughs* *Spits out remote*

Anais:The Remote!!! *Grabs Remote* *Pushes Button*

Evil Gumball:Aaah! *Faints*

Gumball,Darwin and Anais:Yaay!!!

Darwin:Everything is back to normal!

Gumball:So,what shall we do with him?

Anais:We are sending him to jail.

Darwin:Another Happy Ending!



This is the Origin of the wiki's infamous Bloody Gumball.

This Episode is based on the Invader Zim Episode "GIR goes Crazy and Stuff"

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