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The Cat
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The Cat is a Season 4 episode of The Amazing World of Gumball This episode is unconfirmed,meaning it may not even exist at all.


Gumball and Darwin decide to ditch school and hang out together.


This episode was originally sited by fans as a possible idea for an episode,as other cartoons made famous examples of this episode.Ben Bocquelet quoted saying,"It's an interesting idea,and this might just make an episode."Many fans misheard this,and thought he said "this will" instead of "this might".This led to several posts on the matter of the episode,such as other unconfirmed data,including an episode that featured a remake of the episode The Drawing,just renamed to The Painting.

Afterwards,executives at Cartoon Network tried to break up the commotion with this statement,"The episode The Cat is a fake episode that isn't supposed to be in the series.The Cat,will most likely,not make an appearance as an actual episode."This statement was contridicted by Ben Bocquelet later saying the opposite,quote,"The episode is on our minds while we are creating other episodes,and we definitely have the idea of making this,just not right now."Soon,the episode was almost completely abandoned by fans,now,the episode is shrowded in mystery.

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