Plot Gumball goes on a date with Penny!But Keji tries to stop it!What will happen?!Find out!





Minor Characters




Characters so minor it hurts(One or Two Lines in the Entire Story)




[Location:Watterson Residence]

[Time: 5:43 PM]

(A few minutes until the date.)

Nicole:I'm so proud of you,my champ!

Richard:I'm pretty surprised.Good job son.*Pats head.*

Anais:I'm surprised Gumball could get a girlfriend.

All but Anais:*Gasp*

Nicole:Anais!Be nice to Gumball!It'd be nice to be a grandmother.

Gumball:Mom,stop talking already.

Darwin:It'll be nice though,we'll be there at your wedding,the baby shower,your kid's birthday party,and the circle of life continues.

Gumball:Don't go too far,don't worry,we'll attend your funeral.

Darwin:You take that back!

Anais:Cats live longer than fish,so we could just say we've planned your funneral already.

Darwin:Stop talking!Every one of you!I'm a fish with gratitude.

Gumball:So,we've planned everything?All we need is to get to the car.

[All leaves room]

Keji:Nobody's going to serenade my precious Gumball!He's mine Penny!

[Location:On the Cross between Tinker Road and Nut Avenue]

[Time: 5:56 PM]

Nicole:Are you all set,Gumball?

Gumball:I'm as ready as I'll ever be!

Darwin:Plan at the place where you want to go,not a fancy place!A fancy place gives the wrong impression that you may have more income than you really do have.(A message to the people at home.)

Gumball:What the heck was that?

Darwin:It just erupted from my mouth!Am I even thinking?WHAT IS LIFE?

Gumball:That's enough thinking.

Darwin:Okay,just got a bit confused.

Nicole:There it is!I remember when you were just a baby and we took you there!

Richard:2095,2095,2095,2095,I love you,sincerly,Yours truly,Yours truly-

Nicole:Richard!Turn off your music and pay attention to the roaod!

Darwin:All Rights to Yours Truly,2095 belongs to Electric Light Orchestra

Gumball:Again,what's with that disclaimer?

Darwin:It just pours out of my mouth.I can't control it.

Richard:We're here!Good luck Gumball!


[Gumball walks out of the car.]

[This episode has been abandonded!Any ideas,feel free to edit.Please make it develop like it is so far.]

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