(Gumball and Darwin watches the whole Episode called the tape)

Gumball:WHAT THE!! we got only 2 views and 2 dislikes!!! and 0 likes

Darwin:Oh Poop!!


Darwin gots an idea

Darwin:U Think what i think

Gumball:Hmm a new tape?

Darwin:no its Cool Bloopers of The Amazing world of gumball

(Richard comes speed at gumball and darwin)

Richard:Does Someone say Bloopers

Gumball:Yes Dad you and darwin are starring im the director

Anais:Shut Up im watching Daisy!!!!

(Bloopers disseapers)

Gumball in voice:This is the Amazing world of gumball bloopers starring! Darwin watterson and us father Richard Watterson!

Richard:Hey this is not an episode but an bloopers

Darwin:But we gotta watching u bloopers were starting at season 1

(Episode bloopered cames)

Tobias:hey guys i can be your friendo

Gumball:do you say friendo......

Gumball and darwin and tobias laughs

(Anthoter Episode bloopered cames)

Anais:Use the lightpefado

Anais and darwin laughs

(Anthoter Episode bloopered cames)

Masami:My boyfriend is danzel

Carrie:Wait who is danzel *almost laughs*

girls is laughing

(Anthoter episode bloopered cames)

Principal Brown:Mr Watterson stop resting and get an Job


everyone laughs

Darwin:Ok that was the regular bloopers

Richard:Sorry we must go to the Commercial

(To the CN Commercial)

Darwin:Okay more bloopers like stunt bloopers and falls bloopers theyre going fail

(To the Part where everyone stunting got failed with the clog dance music)


Darwin:Ok that was it now this is the cool one the camera is recording bloopers

Gumball in voice:Camera is Walking

(To The Episodes they going to switch with no signal Display)

(The Knight at tobias and gumball and penny)

(The Banana At Gumball Darwin and Banana Joe got hurted)

(Halloween where gumball and darwin are floating)

(The Voice where william is flying)

(Christmas where Gumball and Darwin and Santa were dancing on the sleigh)

(The Party where Richard is doing as glenn quagmire)

(The Gi where Darwin is sleeping on ground in Tae Kwon Dorks)

(The Tape where Anais haves ugly smile at Baby Anais Part)

(The Finale were everyone getting in the window is falling)

Darwin:ok that was it now going to the text forgetting bloopers

(The Castle) Mr Wilson:mmmmm i forgot my text

(The Coach) Jamie:NOW GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ok my text forgotten

(The Swear) Richard:Lalalala Bfft bfft no im scared if i do bad words

(The DVD) Larry: That is...... wich dollar??

(The Wand) Richard:No i dont want yelling

(The Prank) Gumball:Ummm i forgot what i must rap

(The Boombox) Juke: Guys my voice is now on oh yeah i must beatbox

(The Pressure) Molly:My boyfriend is Old that he is gone to..... oh not aigan

(The Pony) Gumball: HEY LOOK OUT!!! oh sorry carrie

Richard:Ok That was the camera is walking bloopers

Darwin:this gonna be good

Gumball Disseapers on

Gumball:Ok That was the bloopers bye watchers on amazing world of gumball i hope u guys like it

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