Sleeping Contest

[Bed Is Seen Watching TV, And His Famous Uncle Pillos Is Announcing A Contest]

Pillos: Do You Think You're Sleepy? Do You Think You Are Sleepy? ANSWER ME NOW!

Bed: it's My Uncle Pillos! And He's Hosting A Sleeping Contest! Mom!

Mrs. Sleepi: Yes Dear?

Bed: Uncle Pillos Is Hosting A Sleeping Contest!

Mrs. Sleepi: That's nice Dear, But its 12:30 In The Afternoon, You Really Need To Go To Bed Now.

Bed: Yes Mother.

[Bed Appears In A Dream Dreaming that He Is Dreaming That Yeah You Get The Point]

Sleepiest Sleeper Of All Sleepers

[Bed Is At School]

Bed: Gumball, Lead Me To Your Sleeper.

Gumball: Okay: I Sleep In The bottom Bunk Of My Bed.

Bed: Take Me There.

Gumball: Okay Here We Are. Just A Standard Bunk Bed. I'm In The Bottom, My Sister Anais Is Is Top, And Darwin Sleeps In His Fishbowl.

[Back at School]

Bed: Hey Penny, Show Me Where You Sleep.

Penny: Okay, This Is My Bed. It's A Standard One. Sometimes I Shape-Shift Into A Bed Like Clayton.

Bed: Okay, I Know Where Clayton Is Now. To Figure Out.

[Ocho Is Then Shown To Sleep In A Sleeping-Themed Arcade Game In His Gigantic Mother, Banana Joe On His Peel, Tina In A Dump: Jamie On A Bed With A Quilt Made Of Fur That Is Her Mother's Color, Clayton In Bed Form, Anton In A Toaster, Teri In A Clean Notebook, Idaho On A Field, Juke On A Supposed Plane To Boomboxembourg, Tobias In A Normal Bed, Bobert Being Powered Off, Eggheads In An Egg Basket, Hector On A Somewhat Tiny Bed, And Carrie Being An Immortal Ghost Who Stays Up all Night Watching Horror Movies]

Bed: And The Sleepiest Sleeper Of All Sleepers Is *Drumroll* Bobert! What If He Doesn't Get Powered On? Carrie Is The Worst Sleeper. She Just Spends The Night Watching Movies.

Carrie Krueger: Horror Movie Watcher!

Carrie: Bed, Do You Have Any DVDs Of Nightmare On Elmore Street?

Bed: Here!

Carrie: This Isn't What I Asked For. Sleepaline? The Insleepibles? Slee. P. The Extra Sleepyrial? Who Are You?

Bed: I Am Bed Pillose Sleepi.

Carrie: *Slaps Face*

Bed: What About Sleephrek? Or Snoreton Heres A Sleeper? Or Meet The Robinsleeps? JUST CHOOSE ALREADY!!

Carrie: I Don't Want These Movies, I Want Horror movies That Have Nothing To Do With Beds!!

Bed: Fine.

Beautius Inferno

Carrie: Mom I'm Going To Watch A Movie!

[Carrie Discovers Her Room To Be On Fire, She Jumps Onto Her Bed, Which Turns Out To Be Bed Himself]

Bed: Boo!

Carrie: What The heck? What Have You Done?

Bed: Those Movies Need To Be Destroyed. BYE!!!!

Carrie: Wait! Is There Any Chance You're A Waterbed?

Bed: My Cousin Water Is.

Carrie: Where Is He?

Bed: In Vietnam.


Vietnam The Kidnapper

Bed: Yup. KIDNAP.

carrie: Why Randomly Say Kidnap?

Bed: that's All I Have To say. KIDNAP.

Carrie: Did Water Kidnap the Water Inside Him, Went to Vietnam, And If He Releases it It will Go Here And Burn Out My Fire?

[Goes to view of the inside of bed's head]

Bed's brain: She'll Never Get It Right.

[Leaves View Of bed's Head]

Bed: okay, I'm saying "KIDNAP" because Water Has Been Kidnapped In Vietnamm.

Carrie: Whatever

[Carrie's father, Vladus comes in]

Vladus: Carrie what's going on?

Carrie: This Bed Person Set My Room On Fire Because He Doesn't Want me To watch Horror Movies All Night and Wants Me To sleep So I Can Join His Uncle's Sleeping Contest!

Vladus: What? That's Horrible!

Bed: Mr. Krueger, You Want Her To stay Up Like that? I may be Obsessive But sleep Is very Important.

vladus: My last Name Is Lokowitchki.

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