Gumball: Aww, Mom! Why Do We Have To Take A Bath?

Nicole: Because you Are Acting Like trashbags And You Need To Get Clean.

Gumball: We Are Clean! Just Look At Darwin!

Darwin: Yeah Mrs. Mom, We Are Clean.

Richard; Clean? I Can't Even Smell Sausages Thanks To You!

Anais: And All I Smell Is A Pigsty Full of Trashbags That's Replaced Our House. [Morphs her body so it looks like Nicole's]

Anais: Boys, Go Take A Bath, Now. Do You Want People To confuse You for Trash They Need To Bring Out?

Gumball: Fine. Let's Go Darwin.

Richard: Wait! I Was Just At The Store And got You Some Bathtoys! Look!

Darwin: Bathtoy King? This Brand Is...

[Richard stares worried at Darwin is ear that he will say that Bathtoy King Is Horrible.]

Darwin: AWESOME!

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