A badger inhabits the Watterson's refridgerator, and they need to get it out.







Some Badger

Laurence Needlemyer



-Wattersons on couch, Richard eating popcorn-

Nicole: -stands up- what about family time? We can do the dishes! -claps- it'll be so much fun!

Richard: -spits popcorn out-

Gumball- Why should we do that? It's a Friday!

Nicole: -looks angrily-

Gumball -nervously- Sure mom; I'll get the dish soap!

-Gumball and Darwin go into kitchen

Darwin: Let's get the soap from the dishwasher!

Gumball -opens washer, angry badger comes out- AHHHHHHHH!

Badger- hissing and spitting-

Darwin and GUmball: AHHHH! -Run into living room-

Nicole: -muttering- For Pete's sake...

Darwin: there's a badger in the dishwasher!

Nicole: -glaring angrly- Seriously, I can get the soap -walks out of room-

Nicole: Oh! -runs out of kitchen- There is a badger in the dishwasher!

Richard: -spits more popcorn- What? Just like Badger Movie 4?!

Anais: -facepalms- Have you always been an imbessel?

Gumball: -smiling- Well, no family time now... -starts walking around couch-

Nicole: No! We will get that badger out as a family!

Gumball -groans-

To be continued...


When Penny had this dream, it was a nightmare.


Gumball and Darwin have met the badger!

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