The Amazing World of Gumball: Journey to the Fairy Village is a British-American animated comedy adventure film produced by Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe in association with Warner Animation Group and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, based on the 2011 animated series. The plot was similar to Smurfs: The Lost Village.

Gumball was having a bad day at school after getting detention, but he found a mysterious map to a village populated by shape-shifting fairies, so he, Darwin and Penny sneak out to find the village and discover the origins of Penny.


At the principal's office, Gumball is being yelled at by Principal Brown for his mischief and incidents (like in The Advice), he decided to give him six months detention, this makes Gumball really mad as he starts ranting about Alan and tells him that he would just "put that in your mouth and smell it".. Principal Brown decided that he should expel him from school because

After getting expelled from school, Gumball and Darwin eventually make their escape, only to find themselves face to face with an angry Nicole who decides to ground them, much to Gumball's horror. He argues with her saying that it wasn't his fault, Principal Brown was ruining his life.

But Darwin steps forward and agrees in accepting the punishment before going into their room without dinner. In their room, Gumball was planning to sneak out with Penny to go to a mysterious village, but Darwin won't let him because they're grounded. Gumball said that she's not the boss of him, in fact he said that she'll never be the boss of this family.


Meanwhile, Richard and Nicole were arguing about who is the boss of the family until Richard gets fed up with this and decided to leave. Nicole was really angry, but later feeling bad about this. She goes into Gumball's room and tries to reconcile with Gumball and Darwin over their actions on yesterday, but soon discovers that they snuck out, so he sets out to find them and sets things right with them.


After the sorcerer got defeated, Penny transforms into stone. Patrick was very sad about it and gets really mad at Gumball for this. He and Nicole angrily blamed him for everything that happened to her dangerously.

The faires bring Penny's remains to the funeral, where they hold a memorial with each other to share their griefs. However, the magical griefs causes magic to emanate from them and bring Penny back to life, transforming her back into a peanut. The fairies were happy, Gumball was happy at Penny and decided to hug each other as they celebrated.

The film ends with Gumball locked in his room, he stated that he's got a whole year of grounding to do, but he doesn't mind because he finally learns his lesson.


  • This will mark the series finale of the show and also the very last appearance of Gumball and Penny's relationship.
  • It is confirmed that Nicole really is the boss of the family, Richard can't be the boss because what Nicole said to him that he's really stupid.
  • This is the third time Gumball was threatens to be expelled from school, the first was "The Countdown" and the second was "The Triangle", but this time he finally got expelled from school.
  • The film had serious chances, Nicole is extremely violent, Richard is finally standing up to her, Gumball is behaving like a teenager and Penny finally decided that his father is right about him being a bad influence.
  • Penny's peanut shell makes its first appearance since The Shell.

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